Monday, February 4, 2013

Efficiency: Doing Less for More in the Crowsnest Pass.

On January 22 at the last G+ P, meeting Administration had intended to present the Fire/Rescue Master Plan to council, at the beginning of the meeting the CAO requested that the issue be placed “In Camera” due to there being some sensitive Personal issues. They also stated that this plan is tentatively scheduled to be brought back to council and the general public on May 19 at the next G+P meeting. 

Most of our present members of council ran on a platform of “Change”, change that would make the municipality more “efficient”. My understanding of efficient was doing the same for less, or in a perfect world doing even more with less.

So let us get to the issue at hand the Fire/Rescue plan, this great opportunity to provide us the good taxpayers of the Crowsnest Pass with a better service at either close to what we were paying before or optimistically even cheaper.  

Therefore, what confuses the hell out of me is I and many other folks are expecting this Grand Fire/Rescue Plan to bring us Less Fire Stations, Less Equipment and Less Firemen. Some taxpayers would be open to debate this issue if it was going to make us more “efficient” but the sad reality is it is not.

In 2010, our operational cost of running the Fire Departments was less than $300,000; today we are paying close to that just to administrate the Department. Don’t believe me? Let us look at the numbers Director of Community and Protective Services $110,000, Fire Chief $95,000, Assistant Fire Chief $85,000. Assume that half the Director’s wages are being applied to Fire/Rescue that is $235,000 just in salary, add on top of that the 35% that the Municipality allows to cover benefits, the $235,000 becomes $316,000.   

The next issue is the contract Firemen nobody knows how long they are going to be here but at $6,000, a month each multiplied by the three that are here that becomes $216,000 for the year.  

Now keep in mind that we have not included a dollar for Firemen’s wages for call out, being on call, or training. For a uniform, for a tank of gas, a bad tire on a truck nothing has you can see for yourself the numbers just do not make sense.

Would anybody like to disagree? Please show me that we will have even the same number of Fire Departments, the same amount of equipment to protect us and the same number of Firemen to serve us. After the full implementation of the Fire/Rescue Master Plan.   

Only in the Pass under this regime can we argue that being more “efficient” is providing less at more cost.


Anonymous said...

I agree that this is way out of control.They are also doing everything they can to make it very difficult to go back where we were after the next election.I think they have given away all of the volunteer firemans clothing and some of their equiptment.Next I would guess they will try and get rid of the Hillcrest and Coleman fire halls.
Community spirit crushing move by a council that could care less about the people that elected them.On top of it all they play dumb and tell us that it is not their fault.
8 more months!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe there are 4 paid firemen @ $6000 each per month. That is $288,000 a year for just 4 guys, of which only 2 are available at a time.
With reference to the gear and such that was given away, one set of bunker gear cost us tax payers $8000, from what I hear. They gave away 10 pallets of gear.
This administration and council have apparently developed a "Scorched Earth" policy.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...


On the three versus four Firemen I used three because the last information I was provided was that one of the four was given the Deputy Fire Chief his salary is accounted for already.

Anonymous said...

Hillcrest and Coleman are gone.

Remember Crowsnest Pass East and Crowsnest Pass West?

Anonymous said...

What happened to the original Fire Plan prepared by the first fire consultant they hired? Did council meet to consider that plan? Was it voted down? Help someone, I can't find anything about it in the council minutes.

Anonymous said...

What is the matter with you people of the crowsnest Pass Grow a pair . What a bunch of wimps.

peter rosner said...

ANON 6:32 i guess we are all like "YOU" hiding behind ANON taking cheap shots. If it mattered so much to you and you really understood what is happening here you would be a lot more respectable of the people of the CNP. People are trying their hands are tied, times have changed you cant take matters into your own hands. Dont worry we will have our say unfortunately right now most are getting a valuable lesson in politics.

Anonymous said...

Is the new Fire Plan being revoked because election is coming? They can't get anything done because to have a public debate you need a "pair."

Anonymous said...

They are not revoking the New Fire Plan. They are just reworking the plan to make it more acceptable for October. But these are still the same guys who called the police on our own volunteers.

Anonymous said...

I agree they will make minimal cosmetic changes with the expectation that after the election they will have four years to make the real changes.