Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Opposed to tax Increases? really or just saying so.

Just received an e-mail from one of my readers telling me that there was a Councilor on the Radio this morning talking about how he did not support the tax increase.

I sat in Council Chambers last week when they voted on the budget, and the only councilor that voted against it was Councilor Gallant so I will assume that he was on the radio this morning. Interesting when I was sitting there last week there was an opportunity given to everybody to say their piece about the budget. The Mayor made a point of once again mentioning how disappointed he was that so few people came out to budget meetings. Here at this meeting was the perfect forum for everybody to say their piece in favor of or against the budget there was representatives from the ratepayers, a larger than normal crowd of residents. What a great opportunity to speak up if you were truly opposed to this budget with its tax increases, utility rate increases, franchise fee increase, service cuts etc and make those concerns very apparent to the public. Very quickly as the Mayor called for the vote, Councilor Gallant asked that the vote be “recorded” for those that do not know, that means it is shown in the minutes who voted for and against the motion.
All in favor? The Mayor, Councilor’s Gail, Londsbury, Saindon, Mitchell, Opposed? Councilor Gallant. (Councilor Saje was absent).

Did I miss something was there comments made at that point in the meeting where Councilor Gallant explained why he was opposed to the budget, or was this just about being able to say I never voted for a tax increase somewhere down the road. (maybe October)


Anonymous said...

Gallant is simply two faced.He did not fight to keep taxes at 0%, as a matter of fact he voted in favour of all of the hiring, fire dept. moves, franchise fee increases and utility bill increases. Then to vote against the budget knowing it would pass without his vote is a joke.How dare he brag about it.

Anonymous said...

Vote to increase spending, but don't vote to pay for it. Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Gallant is trying to save face in an sad attempt to retain his council seat, or maybe he seeks a highter position.

Anonymous said...

This does not save face, you either vote to increase spending, or you don't vote to increase spending. Having a ceremonial vote of “no,” just to say that he kept his word, shows he thinks taxpayers are simpletons.

Anonymous said...

I expected nothing less, it was like the orange wave in Quebec last election. The NDP promised them change a new beginning. (Just like here in the Pass) now the NDP is falling apart in Quebec. The forces of "change" in the Pass will fade away like the NDP in Quebec, then we will return to solid sound government that the taxpayers want and deserve.


Anonymous said...

This is indeed a sad reflection of what has happened in the Pass over the last two years. It is almost like this council locked themselves in to the Ivory Tower. Posted the guards to keep the Peasants out, decided that they and only they know what's best for the community.
Sooner or later the public will have it's say, then we will find out how large that silent majority really is.

Anonymous said...

Dean, there isn't anything Gallant or any of the councilors could do to make you happy. You'd criticize no matter what. Even if you did agree with it, you'd still find a way to spin it to create more discontent. I voted for you in the last election but won't do so again - not because I disagree with you, but I don't appreciate all of the negativity you generate with your blog. What have you done for this community since the last election aside from commentate and criticize?

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

So 2:18 I appreciate (don't agree with)your comments.
So can we be more specific? where do you feel I have been "negative" what issues do you feel I should have been more positive on? Can you tell me what you would issues have been dealt with in a positive way over the last two years?

As far as what have I done for this community? we can sit down and have a coffee any time you like to discuss that or any other issues you would like to talk about. (403 563 4128)

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:18

I think Dean is doing what councillors should be doing - asking questions and keeping us informed.

From the dusty old 2009 Cuff Report:

Finally, the Municipal Government Act (Section 153 (e)) states that a Council is expected to keep in confidence matters discussed in private at a Council or Council committee meeting until discussed at a meeting held in public.
While most of what a Council deals with is expected to be open to the public on a regular basis, matters arise which ought to be treated in a confidential fashion. These are generally referred to as the three “Ls”— land sales and purchases by the Municipality; legal advice provided by the Municipality’s solicitor to Council; and labour relations or personnel matters.

How many hours have they spent in camera? Do you believe it was all "three Ls"?

On the other hand, the Hotel deal is supposedly confidential, but we have the mayor, CAO and councillors disclosing selected bits of information to newspapers, radio, wine & cheese invitees, Chamber of Commerce and who knows where else.

The rule seems to be "Everything is secret except what we feel like telling you".

Peter Rosner said...

"They must find it difficult those who have taken authority as the truth rather than truth as the authority"-----G Massey

Anonymous said...

I think Dean had a valid point in his last paragraph. Did he miss something?

Just noticing

Anonymous said...

2:18 some times the truth is not so positive and it hurts. Still it's the truth.

Kudos for Dean posting your comment if it was my blog I probably would have deleted you.

Anonymous said...

6:39, I agree with you. Besides, what else can he do besides commentate and criticize. If he agreed with them,and their actions, I'm sure he would post so. I personally have felt them to be very shady, bullish, and sneaky. That's the way I feel, why do I feel this way?? I certainly was happy after the election, but I'm itching to get rid of them now. Why? Why? I guess because every move they make, (for my own good!) has made me hopping mad. My dog license went from $5 to $15. That's a 300% increase. Sure it's cheaper that other places, (that's the reasoning I was given when I complained,) now I hear I'm going to have to buy a taggy for my kitty as ain't happening, I'm going with a little civil disobedience there, and I'll live with the consequences. That's one place I can take a stand, and I'm a gonna do it! (I've also taken to running stop signs, and not wearing my seatbelt, just as a protest. It just makes me feel more in control. Besides if I'm going to be treated as a criminal, I'm going to start acting like one!)

Just saying

Anonymous said...

Self-righteous is always standing shoulder to shoulder with the Hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Gallant enjoys himself in that council seat so much he has started his election campaign. His self serving hypocrisy has been burning me for a while. Yes I voted for him, why wouldn't I based on his concern about our high taxes. What a phony. He helped Decoux orchestrate all the hiring and spending then votes against the budget knowing the mare has the votes to pass it. He sure thinks we are stupid.

Anonymous said...

Opposed to tax Increases? really or just saying so.
Dean, you have the right title on this post. Gallant voting against the budget does not make him concerned about out makes him a lier on the campaign trail.

"The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool."

peter Rosner said...

Anon 6:39 please dont run into me when you go through that stop sign, ( Just kidding) you hit the nail on the head and speak for a lot of people who have had it with the control that has been exercized by this group. The decisions they rammed down our throats we end up paying "MORE" for And now the same counciller who tried to convince me they had the bill covered doesn't know how to pay for this mess. So i guess you can always turn the municipal budget down to safe face.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Peter, I only run the 4 way or 3 way ones, at night, when nobody's around.

Just makes me feel better!

Anonymous said...

Dean I challenge the person that wrote 2:18 to tell us where you should have been more positive?

Maybe he/she likes our $47,000 collection of triangles.

2:18 instead of commenting and being critical why don't you identify areas that we the taxpayers (Forget Dean) should take in a positive light.

The last two years have been all about Bruce and his followers showing the various groups who is in charge. Well it looks like they will win Tuesday night.

Enjoy victory because you won't have that taste in your mouth for very long.

Peter Rosner said...

Anon 9:18 you realize Bruces security force or peace officers will be staked outy at all the major intersections now watching for you. I hope you keep them busy .Some times its nice to be a rebel. Good Luck and have some fun.

Anonymous said...


Thanks, I hope they are waiting for me! (and have a good time doing it!)
I've never been a rebel before....feel's good! (Hmm...somehow that strikes me as a little scary?!)

Catch me if you can!