Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BVJ Small Town Saturday Night

I know this isn't about politics but it is a good opportunity to put the Crowsnest Pass and the surrounding area on the map.

Check this out the Crowsnest Pass made the ten finalists, I felt it was very well done if you agree go to the address below and vote, you can do it every day from now until the 20th



Anonymous said...

That is a nice video of the CNP and area.Last time I checked Lundbreck falls and the burmis tree are not in the CNP.I also am a little disappointed that our golf course did not get any air time, it has some of the most amazing views of any golf course.I will vote every day and encourage everyone else to do the same.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

I am impressed, if you check out the competition I think the video compares very well.

Anonymous said...

Very awesome video. Nice to see a positive item for the Crowsnest. Makes everyone remember why we live here and love it.

Anonymous said...

Come on people vote, vote and vote.
I am hearing so many people around town that say they are not voting because of what council has done with Thunder in the Valley.
If you don't vote you are not punishing the council, you are punishing the community. This would be a great event held in the Coleman arena that 1000 people would get to enjoy. Plus would raise a lot of money for some great causes. Please do not punish 1000s of people because of the bone head decision of 7 people.

Come on Crowsnest Pass vote, vote and vote.


Anonymous said...

Does not surprise me that some people would have such a childish attitude. Grow up please. A lot of people do agree with the cancellation. Who says you are right.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 2:01. I'm nit-picking here, but technically the Crowsnest Pass starts at Lundbreck and continues right through into SE British Columbia. Keep voting!