Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cash Grab (Part 2)

Cash grab-Alberta School Foundation Fund Requisition:
The requisition will jump by $214,789.32 for 2012 which in simple terms if the municipality does not off set this with other savings (Thunder in the Valley $160,000 for example).
Taxes will increase by $114.81 on a $350,000 property or $65.60 on a $200,000 property.

Proposed Cash grab-Utilization of Franchise Fees to stabilize the mill rate.
Interesting concept the municipality will increase your Power and Gas rates so your mill rate does not go up as much. We will take more out of your left pocket therefore we can take less out of your right pocket.
By increasing the Atco rate in 2013 to the maximum a further $211,980 will be brought in, by increasing the Fortis rate to the maximum in 2013 a further $124,965 will be brought in.

Incentive for additional cash grab-The census results which saw the population of the Crowsnest Pass drop by 184 people will result in a per capita funding decrease of $78,586 for 2012.

Information-Municipal Reserves now sitting at $ 1,131,328

Information-Municipal debt now sitting at $1,578,507


Anonymous said...

Dean maybe they will argue that in the interest of increased safety within our great community. We felt the need to hire the Community Peace Officers.
This will mean a slight increase in the mill rate, plus the franchise fees (Thank heavens the province sets a maximum on this cash cow).
But our citizens will all sleep better at night knowing that our streets will be patrolled by some of the finest that the U of L law enforcement program has to offer.

Remember this is not a cash grab it is all about safety.

Anonymous said...

What do you make of Section 9.2 of the Fire & Rescue Service Bylaw on p. 40 of the March 6 Council Package?

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

First read it sounds like a resident is going to be charged to have a fire put out.
If I am reading that right it is very scary.

Anonymous said...

Crowsnest Pass Home said...
"First read it sounds like a resident is going to be charged to have a fire put out.
If I am reading that right it is very scary."

If you don't think that 116 word "sentence" makes sense, you are right. It looks like a bungled cut'n'paste job, leaving off the first few words, perhaps from here:

Just glancing through the bylaw I noticed several other bloopers:

"No person shall permit an open air fire or any other fire ... unless a permit has been obtained ..."

There are exemptions for gas barbecues and indoor fireplaces, but no exemptions for gas stoves or furnaces, so I guess we will need to buy permits for those.

Of course I know they don't MEAN we need permits for those, but what is the point of having a bylaw if it's not clear? It might as well just say "the Fire Chief ... may determine that a permit is not required". Well, actually, it does say exactly that in section 8(2)(iii).

Taking the bylaw literally, we will need a permit to light a cigarette in the Pass.

Another blooper: Items 7(2)(iii-vi) should be subparagraphs of 7(2)(ii).

Anonymous said...

The real legacy of this council will not be the cancellation of the Thunder in the Valley – what will hurt even more, is the creation of an expensive bureaucracy that is far beyond our economic means. Undoing this damage in the future will be both expensive and time consuming. They have hired another person in Finance who, among other things, will look at the way the municipality is funding the external, (read volunteer), organizations. Anyone with a little grey matter between their ears will see that this person will be able to pay their wages (by cutting funding) in a more credible manner than the proposed Peace Officers. The Peace Officer Program will end up costing the municipality, including equipment, uniforms and dry-cleaning, radios and boots, insurance, fuel, time in court, storage facilities, towing costs from unclaimed items, cost of litigation from people who can afford lawyers, mountains of stationary, etc. etc. conservative $300,000 per year. Were there any adults at the table when the consultant was making the presentation? The consultant has made this council look foolish twice in the row, and they are relying on the consultant to write the by-laws and to put the program into place.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Ran into a older fellow who asked me how is the municipality going to pay for these positions.

So I told him there is two ways, the first being through an increase in the tax rates that the residents pay.

Second by creating a speed trap on Highway 3.
So he says to me "what happens when the world figures out that the Pass is just like Longview, and everybody slows down as they approach Burmis"

That's when I said you go back to the first option.

No question the peace officers will do very well first off. But it will not last long.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone mention that all this new administration and peace officers will need more office space? The first new project in the CNP may very well be the expansion of the municipal offices. But not to worry, shutting down Albert Stella may free up some cash on short term.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we will ever find out the real costs of these consultants????????


Anonymous said...

They are going to solve their financial problems of the backs of people who go through the financial and emotional loss of a home to fire.

Under the previous Municipal Bylaw Fire protection charges were not charged to owners of single family residences.
Which if that in it's self was an issue because obviously there are some people that do not live in a single family residence. Then expand the exemption.
In addition the previous bylaw the owner was not charged for the first two hours of fire suppression.


Anonymous said...

Our Mayor sounds the best when he is quoted in his own words. Perhaps he realizes this, and that is why he was not available for comment right after the council dropped this bomb. It took them several attempts to come out with a coherent statement - by that time the public had enough time to make up their own minds on the whole issue. And this is the team that is rewriting all of the bylaws and policies for all of us Rubes.

Anonymous said...

I think there will always be people speeding and getting tickets. Doesn't matter if you know they are there or not - you tend to forget sometimes.
And, by reading comments and talking to people, I don't think the cancelling of TITV is so bad to a lot of people. Lots are supporting it. Let it rest.

Anonymous said...

To anon 5:07 You do not think the cancelling of thunder is to bad.I disagree, We will not feel the full affect of this for some time. This weekend event brought millions of dollars into this community and without that money coming in it will surely affect many businesses.They may have to lay off staff or worse close their doors.Which leads to the ripple effect of people moving away because they do not have a job, which leads to hurting all of the other businesses as their are less people.It could effect the real estate market as people who lost there jobs move on.The ripple effect will be huge.Gallant bragged not too long ago about how important small business was for a community and the new ones we have.Council may have just killed a few of these businesses. They should have done everything in their power to make sure this event continued.Was the event a pain in the butt for many?Yes. But you must do what is best for the community as a whole.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:52:00 AM 2012
You are allowed your view. I totally disagree. I have never seen any figures where any businesses have done better. You are like a lot of CNP residents - when you don't get your own way - oh my goodness, sky is falling, sky is falling. I do not believe it affects business and I think if the council that that was going to happen they would have looked at it. They are thinking about safety of the people and quality of life for people - all year around - not for just one weekend where they have a committee who doesn't even have to say how much they made. Hello.

Anonymous said...

That is exactly what is wrong with the Pass in the 60's and 70's we were a very tight knit community.
Everybody looked after each other and wanted to see others do well.
Now we have a community where people will not sacrifice for anybody but themselves.
I live in Blairmore close to the tracks and yes there were times that I disliked Thunder in the Valley but I lived with it because I knew it was good for the businesses.
Can anybody be silly enough to think that 30000 people come into town and do not spend any money.
Look at our Museum it is struggling because a lot of people do not care about our museum any more.
Well if we are going to have that attitude nobody in my family goes to school lets close some schools. Nobody in my family skis get rid of the hill.
Those are the wrong attitudes a close knit community is concerned about all groups and areas. You sacrifice to help others, three days a year and these people go away.


Anonymous said...

You are flogging a dead horse. Move on. The year is 2012.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:00 I hope you are kidding when you say it does not affect businesses. I can assure you this is the best weekend in sales in the CNP. As a matter of fact their is no other weekend that comes close.Some stores have said they make more on this weekend than they do in a month.Wake up.

Anonymous said...

This council is good at saving money by closing inefficient facilities and cancelling unsafe events. On the other hand, there is the growing bureaucracy in time of our declining tax base. If all these changes result in no savings and higher taxes – how is this a road forward?

Anonymous said...


Which inefficient facilities would you be referring to?

Anonymous said...

The list is in the paper, here is one quote:"At the budget meeting, Municipal Chief Administrative Officer Myron Thompson recommended the demolition of the facility and relocation of services offered within."The communication between the municipality and the various volunteer groups is so much improved that the users learned about the fate of the facility from reading the paper. Much in the same way as our Perplexed Mayor wanted to communicate with the volunteers of the Thunder in the Valley. This is a very disturbing method of communication when dealing with volunteers. And you wonder why the crowds are not stepping up to the plate when you need more volunteers? Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Further to the Fire & Rescue Service Bylaw:

I said "Of course I know they don't MEAN we need permits for ... gas stoves or furnaces".

I wouldn't be so sure whether blowtorches or portable gas heaters are "any other fire". Maybe I would apply to see if the Fire Chief thinks a permit is required. My insurance only covers "lawful" stuff.