Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Debating the numbers in the Crowsnest Pass Part II

Was told by a resident this morning that he heard around town that the municipality as only increased it's workforce by two (2) people since the last election.

So for those that are having trouble with this check out my post from March 28 titled "Debating the numbers in the Crowsnest Pass"

Once again I will offer the same opportunity that I did back in March,  if any where on this list I am wrong email me and I will make immediate changes


Anonymous said...

The more levels of bureaucracy the lessor standards of accountability and the greater the cost.
This is striving for an effective operational model?

I look forward to comparing the end numbers on your poll (Rum Runner Days) versus the poll that Councillor Saindon quotes on his blog.


Anonymous said...

I am just impressed that the media is starting to report the real news. No more editorials "PLEASE" on how we got 9 months of summer in the 1950's. Its time for the media to address the issues that we are concerned about.
Good start.
How did the rate payers meeting go last night?


Anonymous said...

I am thinking it was probably not too exciting. Nothing on any blogs about it yet so it must have been good.

Anonymous said...

I was there. If you are looking for excitement you were right it was not.
But if you were looking for close to 100 taxpayers that are concerned about the path that the municipal is heading down then you would have been at the right place.
Some very well spoken long term residents who are not happy.

Anonymous said...

I.E., taxypayer......

Does not matter if long term or short term or whatever other lingo you have. All the same, we all pay taxes.

Anonymous said...

They hired 4 people?I have been applying for work here for years,can run all their equipment,am experienced in all levels of civil construction and hold an award for my reclamation work yet I have never got any kind of acknowledgement when handing in my resume.I did not see these jobs posted and im getting tired of having to work in another province because we have no industry and no jobs here.I imagine someones buddy got hired,the nepotism in this municipality just blows me away.