Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ratepayers Association Meeting

Meeting took place last night at the Hillcrest Miners club. I would estimate that there was close to 100 people there.
People were concerned about the following issues:
Taxes/Utility Bills/Franchise Fees
The large amount of dollars being spent on consultants.
Growth in administration and the associated costs.
Thunder in the Valley
Community policing.
Financing of equipment

It was deter minded that the majority of people there were interested in moving the organization forward. The next meeting will be held at the Blairmore Legion Tuesday June 26th at 7pm, there will be elections held at that time for anybody interested in sitting on the executive.


Anonymous said...

You want to see where your tax dollars are going??? Take a walk by the Blairmore shop and see your new $80,000 lawn mower.

Anonymous said...

I could not make the meeting nor will I be able to make the next one.I am quite sure that there would be a lot more people attend these meeting if not for conflicts in their schedules(work, prior commitments, etc). I do however wish to support this group.Maybe this will open councils eyes to the fact that the majority of people are not happy with the decisions that they are making.I have read where council members and the Mayor say that they are getting more support for their ideas than opposition. Maybe it is time that they quit living that lie.I sent a lenghty email to the Mayor stating my displeasure with certain decisions and of course I did not get a reply.Council ask yourselves as to whether public opinion matters or is this just a dictatorship?