Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Mayor's corner" lessons in control, silencing the critic's

Further to the Mayor's corner newsletter, which I understand now is going to be delivered in our mail box on a regular basis. I would like my readers to take a look at the comments I made back on March 22 in reference to a lambasting the Mayor gave the media at the meeting of March 20,2012.

"Just prior to going into camera the Mayor announces that he is going to do something different. He is going to allow the media the opportunity to ask a question each to clarify anything that may have happened that night. Didn’t seem like a bad idea until suddenly the Mayor seized the opportunity to chastise the media for some “blatant errors in both papers reporting over the last few weeks”, then the lecture turned to how critical it is that they report the council proceeding “accurately”. When a member of the media attempted to respond to his comments she was shut down very quickly and told this is not a “debate”.  
You can read the full post at    it's titled "Control the name of the game" 

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