Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Town hall meeting my views

In response to several comments on my previous post (10:12 and 12:45).
With that post I attempted to let my readers know what happened at the meeting.
No I did not provide my opinion on the likely hood of these announcements being successful.

So here goes; first of all I will state I hope every one of them comes true because I believe every one of them would be good for the Pass. Some to greater degrees than others but all good for the growth of this community.

1/Economic Development Committee and Economic Development Officer.
First of all the committee it will be very interesting to see the make up of this committee, it needs to be a mixture of different types of expertise. With a combination of both old and new blood, if the committee does not have that mixture it will start with a lack of credibility. There is already a perception of "outsiders" ramming change down the throats of the locals. 
The Economic Development Officer this community only needs one if he/she is going to actually bring something here, yes we are talking results which can only be ensured by having somebody on a short term contract that is looking to impress quickly. If they use this community as a stepping stone who cares as long as we get the benefit while they are here. Do not for a minute think that we are going to get somebody cheap it will cost us a minimum of $100-150K a year to get anybody decent.

2/River Run
Wouldn't it be great to see something happen on that site. But seriously I think we would be lucky to get 10-12 units at the east end in the next two years. (Proximity to water/sewer) Do I think  anybody is going to spend $10-15 million doing all the infrastructure on that site in these economic times? good luck.

3/Gaining tax base from MD of Ranchlands.
This is a political issue the only way this will happen is if  municipal affairs decides it should. There are not many great examples in the province of  poor municipalities gobbling up wealthy municipalities. Keep in mind this is not a problem unique to the Crowsnest Pass, Cold lake as fought this fight for years, and at least they had the argument that they were providing services and facilities to the surrounding areas. How many of those 80 residents of the MD of Ranchland do you think count on the Crowsnest Pass for services or facilities. Maybe the present Mayor can carry more influence in Edmonton than the previous Mayor time will tell. This really will come down to a political decision, does anybody think that the Town of Pincher Creek with its struggles will not be casting it eyes to the MD of Pincher Creek, think of all the money that Shell plant and Windmills bring in.

4/Crowsnest Centre Demolition and Development
Wow the building gone by first snow fall? I was told today that it's a 4-5 month job considering the asbestos that needs to be taken out of there, realistically it will not be done in winter months I think we will see it gone next year. Today I requested a breakdown of the bidders and their quotes on that job I would be very surprised if the majority of the bids came in, below or at $600,000 and I will be surprised if there was more than 3 or 4 bidders that place is going to be like a pandora's box when they open it up.
The hotel before we get too excited keep in mind that council only passed a motion last week (June 18) to "begin" negotiations with the developer. That will not happen over night if the developer is going to demolish the building that cost will be brought into the selling price of the property, the Mayor stated last week that the hotel sounds like a "Best Western" well keep in mind that there is one going into Sparwood right now and the  District of Sparwood is offering tax breaks to new businesses. That will be a topic of discussion during these negotiations, don't kid yourself does anybody think this community is bargaining from a position of strength with this developer. Off site levies they were only put on hold for the rest of this year, they will also be a topic of discussion. Time frames, the developer is going to want to have the flexibility to take as long as possible to fill that property the municipality is going to want it filled up as quickly as possible.
The other question that nobody as asked, will this hotel have an impact on the rebuilding of the BCMI in Blairmore? I hope not, I would hate to see us lose a 50 room hotel to gain a 75 room hotel.
Yes I believe there will be a hotel on that property one day, it is a prime location with a lot of traffic going by every day of the year. I do not think it will happen as fast as people are hoping.

Just to add to my early comments I hope every one of these announcements comes true very quickly. My dream for 2013 is to see an Economic Development Officer bringing many small businesses to town, to be able to drive by River Run and see it developed has fast as Iron Stone. To receive  my tax notice in April with a decrease due to gaining a decent chunk of tax base from the MD of Ranchlands. And finally to drive by the former Centre Site to look at the new hotel going up. That would be a great year for the Crowsnest Pass.  


Anonymous said...

I am so tired of the phrases, young blood and old blood. Never lived in a place with those phrases before. Always referred to everyone as residents, and were always treated the same. Don't understand this mentality in the least.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 5:49PM
I couldn't agree with you more. I have lived here for almost seven years, and I am still not considered a "local". I have even been asked if "I was born here", if you can believe that. I care about this strange but beautiful place as much as anybody else does. I am not "young blood", but I am "new blood" and I certainly do hope some new "outsider" opinions and ideas are considered. Just might be helpful to the community.

John said...

Dean, couldn`t agree more with you on your comments. Lets hope 2013 is a banner year for the CNP.

Anonymous said...

As their ads say, Best Westerns are independently owned franchises, so take that with as more salt than with the McDoodoo and Keg that were mentioned.

It looks to me like a speculator wanting to subdivide the land and flip it to others who will promise to build hotels, restaurants and truck stops.

Why is their identity being kept secret? There are exceptions in FOIP for trade secrets and financial info of competitive significance, but not their identity. As I understand it, we have a right to see the full proposal, minus those excepted bits:


John Prince said...

Years back, when I was on council fighting the CLC plebiscite (lost by 84 votes, thanks to the flood of misinformation by the Herald and their gang who have cost this community so much over the years in bills and lost opportunity) the owner of the Best Canadian chain expressed an interest in buying the property for a hotel development.

Maybe, instead of Best Western it is Best Canadian we are talking about here? Could explain why they are dragging their feet re-building?


Anonymous said...

In response to 5:49, let me say this I have absolutely nothing against week enders, new blood, what ever you care to call them. I have lived here all my life and I welcome these new people a small town like ours will not flourish without new blood. In fact over the last few years some of these folks have become good neighbours and friends of mine.
I agree though with the post if you don't involve some of us so called locals there is a growing feeling amongst a lot of long term residents that all this new stuff is being forced on us.
If you got all parts of the community involved would people not take ownership and be more on board with change?
So don't see this in a negative light, an attack on new residents see it has a willingness for all residents old and new to work together.


Anonymous said...

Well, Frank, it is not up to you to welcome anybody. We are in Canada and anyone can live anywhere. So get over it. And is it all up to your classification of local, ha ha aren't you Mr. Important. EVERYONE should work together always in a town, with no special designations. People are people.

Anonymous said...

I am a weekender, but more like a part-timer as me and my family spend a lot of time in the Crowsnest Pass. I agree with the previous posters about attitude towards "new blood". As lovely as the scenery is, there is a dark cloud over residents who don't have generations of family in the area. Unfortunately that attitude has spoiled things for us. Unless and until the residents of the CNP welcome and want "outsiders", this place is really going to struggle going forward. I hate feeling embarrassed to admit to people I meet here that no, sadly I am not a full time resident. Tired of the evil eye, even though I am friendly, respectful, take care of my property yadda yadda yadda......apparently that attitude isn't going on in Canmore and Fernie- towns like the CNP that are prospering... just a thought!

Anonymous said...

I just ignore such ridiculous attitudes. I feel sorry for the people that are so small that they act like that. I am getting so I don't even want to tell people where I am from. Not used to such backward ways for sure. Pretty stuck in the sand people sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I have lived here forever and my family also. We do not have any problem with weekenders at all.We have even become friends with some.I also have friends in the bigger cities who have no idea who their neighbors are. Is the problem any differant.Sure some people might not be treating weekends that great, but they also do not treat the locals that great.I think most people are quite open to weekenders and there ideas, but just like where you all come from you do not get along with everyone.Please do not make this sound like it is a CNP thing and have us believe that EVERYONE in Fernie, or Canmore or anywhere all get along.

Anonymous said...

We all came from somewhere before we settled here.

Anonymous said...

No, Crowsnest is that way. They cannot even get along with the different towns in the Municipality, so what do you expect. That is not usual.

But glad, you "even like them." Funny.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:00 Who are you quoting?
Sure the CNP has some division amongst the towns. Just like in the cities, or do you all love every subdivision? Once again, weekenders are welcome by most and this should not be a big issue to anyone.Have a great long weekend everyone!

Anonymous said...

But we are not a city. Some division between towns, yup.

From anon
have lived here forever and my family also. We do not have any problem with weekenders at all.We have even become friends with some

Anonymous said...

Considering it looks like you are in a argueing mood and just want to lay all of the blame on the people of the CNP, maybe it is just you!!
I know a lot of weekenders that are not having these problems.After all if it was as bad as you say it is the vast majority of weekenders would have left already.The ones that I know love it down here.
I am sure you will come back with a smart comment, and that is OK .I will not reply but I do wish you a great long weekend.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is welcome in the Crowsnest Pass. This town would be a Ghost town if it was not for the people who have moved here over the last ten years.
Unfortunately some people took what I believe the original intent of Deans comment was. That being if you make the people that have lived here for a long time, feel like a group of people that have only been here for a short time. Are shoving everything new down their throats.
Then you will have a division between the so called "locals and weekenders" get everybody involved everybody takes ownership.
We all then will just be residents of the Crowsnest Pass.
I end with have a good July 1st weekend.