Monday, June 18, 2012

Good news coming Thursday

Listening to CJPR this morning the Mayor stated there will be a couple of big annoucements at the end of the town hall meeting.

Looking forward to good news, my hope is that its the Centre coming down and a hotel chain moving in.


Anonymous said...

According to the Request for Proposals, the "successful proponent" for the hotel development is supposed to be selected by an "evaluation committee".

Have our elected representatives voted to establish this committee and authorized it to make this decision, subject to FOIP, conflict of interest and in camera laws?

Anyway, I will enjoy the free BBQ generously provided by Council members (I don't think they have passed a motion to charge it to taxpayers, but maybe there is some Bylaw that says they can spend our money however they like without passing a motion).

Anonymous said...

Yes, very exciting isn't it. Can't wait. Good things.

Anonymous said...

Yes Dean it would be so nice to get rid of that eye sore.
Plus bring something here that will pay taxes and create a few jobs.


Anonymous said...

"the Mayor stated there will be a couple of big annoucements at the end of the town hall meeting."

Maybe he's quitting and moving away. ;)

Anonymous said...

Get serious he is going to stay on and continue the job he is doing.
I certainly think he has done a magnificent job so far.


Tom said...

The Mayor is a one term Mayor. I had a meeting with him at his campaign office just before the election. He told me he would stay for one term.

Anonymous said...

Dean I am with you I would love to see a large hotel there. I was one of the people that recognized like you did years ago that the Centre site was a prime piece of real estate for commercial development.
I hope looking back that people think about what a no brainer this really was.

Deroche said...
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Anonymous said...

Tom, Unless something drastictly changes a monkey would beat him in an election.I think he knows this and therefore lets put out a rumour that he was only staying for 1 term.

Anonymous said...

I don't think there has been a train wreck in town. Who knows if that is a true statement about a one term mayor. Probably more gossip made up no doubt. Quit being so vicious - remember the comment about eating your own alive. If it applies to whoever maybe quit.

Anonymous said...

annoucements at the end of the town hall meeting

Our Peace Officers started today. Your cars are being ticketed and towed as we speak.


Anonymous said...

At last night's Council meeting, following an hour IN CAMERA and with no discussion:

Councillor Gallant moved that Council authorizes Administration to enter into negotiations for the sale and development of the 2.5 ha former Crowsnest Centre Site.


Does anyone remember the expensive fiasco when the Slackpile was sold and then the sale was nullified and taxpayers were stuck paying compensation and legal costs, because of this little legal technicality:

Municipal Government Act

Section 70 of the Municipal Government Act (MGA) states that if a municipality proposes to transfer or grant an estate or interest in land for less than market value, the proposal must be advertised.

The advertising requirements in Section 606 of the MGA must be followed. The notice must contain the procedure to be followed by anyone wishing to file a petition. The procedure as outlined in section 231 of the MGA refers to the petition being filed with the chief administrative officer within sixty days of the last date on which the proposed bylaw or resolution is advertised. Council must ensure that title transfers do not occur prior to the sixty day timeframe for a petition to be received. ...

PDF (1 page)

Anonymous said...

Does this mean no official announcement of a hotel deal tonight? Or will negotiations be wrapped up today?

Anonymous said...

Could not make the meeting last night. Can't wait to see what happened. Waiting on your very informative site to post Dean.