Friday, September 28, 2012

Branding/Economic Development (Doing things backwards)

From different people I have spoke to, the branding session that 98.9% of the population didn't know about was done very well.
Couple of concerns first of all there was a process done less than four years ago paid for by community futures and the province which involved municipal council, administration, local businesses, the Chamber of commerce, various hospitality groups, I even remember one of the present councilors being there. That was  dealing with the issue of branding, focusing on the theme of "Mountain Freedom".
Now maybe that was not implemented as well as it should have been, maybe there was some expertise missing. Now it's been determined by council and administration that we need to spend up to ($80,000) on a new brand.
On September 18 Mayor Decoux states at the G+P meeting that the municipality will have an Economic Development officer in place by Christmas. That's good as one person said to me that should have been the first person they hired, where I have difficulty and think we are doing things backwards. Would it not have made sense to go out and hire the individual (Probably at a cost of $150-$200,000 per year) prior to determining that we needed a new brand, prior to determining what the new brand is going to be.
After all aren't we going to be expecting this person to sell this "brand" seems to me like a pretty key individual not to have involved in this process.    


John Prince said...

Absolutely! Seems to me like they dragged their feet on what should have been their #1 priority from day one, and now at this late stage in the game are in such a rush that they quite literally have the cart in front of the horse.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dean's a shit-disturber!

(meant for publication) :-)

Crowsnest Pass Home said...


Very thoughful statement, will I be seeing you enter the debate in the next day or two?
Or has your thought procession now been exhausted?

Anonymous said...

12:27 I am surprised that Dean allowed your post. Totally fair freedom of thought has been afforded you. His blog, his ideas, and he has allowed your dissention.
Isn`t it nice that that someone has delivered the means so that you may deliver your diatribe. May as well signed that one. Wait, you did! lol

Anonymous said...

So 11:22 what is your position on the branding should they have included the Economic Development Officer in the process?
Looking forward to hearing from you.


Anonymous said...

I know it's of the topic but it is suppose to snow Wednesday.
Do you think they will have the Crowsnest Centre demolished by then?

Remember the Town Hall meeting?

Anonymous said...

The current council put the implementation of the "Mountain Freedom" branding on hold until they could enact their strategic plan. They were asked for funding for the implementation but were told to wait. I was told that the mayor does not like the word "Freedom" and therfore the need for a new brand. As you mentioned, the previous brand is a pretty good reflection of the community since it was determined by them. The current process will probably yield similar results (if they actually hear what the community has to say). A waste of time and money.

Anonymous said...

Boy 11:22
Sure went quite maybe he is putting together a detailed analysis of the branding situation.