Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quiz Answer for Franchise Fees

For my little quiz on the right hand side of this blog regarding Franchise Fee Increases you can either guess the answer or go to and find the real answer.

Just a hint it is a little bit higher than the rate of inflation.


Anonymous said...

What a boondoggle this whole franchise fee thing is. I thank you Dean without this blog the vast majority of us would still be thinking that we only got a 2.5% tax increase.
This franchise fee, building fees etc are just back door approaches to squeezing more money out of us.
Then sitting up at a town hall meeting bragging about how our taxes only went up 2.5%. What a joke.


Anonymous said...

Just looking at your previous post about building permit fees and all these other sneaky ways they are raising our taxes (without raising them)
The building permit cost are going up $4000 is that to replace the lost revenue from putting "off site levies" on hold? If it is wouldn't that be like giving with the right hand and taking away with the left?


Anonymous said...

20-30% is my guess over a three year period this seems like a lot. But sometimes you have to spend a little money to change things.


Jose said...

Anne, when all of the "new" money goes to pay for: high priced consultants (who if the rumor is true are being sued by the Municipality and are counter suing); for a botched Rum Runner weekend and possible lawsuit; for a previous infrastructure lawsuit; for an overexpanded unnecessary Administration; and for a "new improved" Fire Department, it is difficult to see how this CHANGE is for the better.

It is not only the money here, but the extra wasteful time spent by the Mayor, Council, Adminstration and other staff to handle all of these issues. The normal activities are put on hold until resolution. This is not Change For The Better, but a comedy of errors, bad luck, and taking the wrong fork in the road.

But of course, this will keep the staff real busy, and it won't be long before ADDITIONAL full time and part-time staff and yes more Consultants are required to handle the extra heavy work load.

With this and the high legal bill, we " ain't see nothing yet", re tax increases. It would be funny if it weren't so serious.