Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Crowsnest Pass Ratepayers Association Press Release

Crowsnest Pass Rate Payers Association
William Kovach, President of the Crowsnest Pass Ratepayers Association is very pleased to provide an update on the progress of the Association. What began back in June has a number of taxpayers getting together and voicing numerous concerns about the direction our community is heading. In a few busy months of public meetings being held in each community, to determine if there was interest in revitalizing the Ratepayers Association and hearing the concerns of the ratepayers it was  determined very quickly that the public is very interested in having a Ratepayers organization in place. 

The decision was made to move forward to elect an executive comprised of residents from all areas of the Crowsnest Pass. President William Kovach is very pleased to announce that the Association has in a very short time frame already signed up over four hundred members. He encourages anyone interested in joining the organization to contact any of the following executive board members (Cost of $5).
William Kovach 564-4709
Gail Montgomery 564-4077
Troy Clark 563 0381
Sasha JaegerBaird 563 6073
Ed Strembecki 564-0184
Marilyn Milley 562-2719
Marlene Anctil 562-8180
Larry Ruzek 564 4384
Rudy Pagnucco 562-8147
In line with the concerns raised by ratepayers at those meetings the executive created a mission statement for the organization one that states the following:
“The Association monitors municipal decisions to ensure that responsible and accountable governance is being provided for the people of the Crowsnest Pass."
The Ratepayers Association wishes to achieve these goals by working in cooperation with the municipal administration and council. To that end the Association has requested the following, a meeting with council and administration to introduce themselves and share the goals of the group (August 21, G+P meeting). A request for information from the CAO, regarding the concerns raised by the taxpayers at the public meeting (Taxation, spending, hiring, use of consultants etc) . The vast majority of which should be readily available as it is contained in the triennial budget put in place by council several months back.
Additionally President Kovach would like to announce that to keep the public better informed of how the ratepayers efforts are proceeding, the group will very shortly have it’s own Facebook page, they will also be holding their next executive board meeting September 20 at 7pm in the basement of the Coleman Legion. All members or prospective members are more than welcome to attend. 

Update: The site is now up and running on Facebook just punch in Crowsnest Pass Ratepayers Association.

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