Monday, September 10, 2012

Let’s Encourage Development Please

In a community that over the last 20 years has averaged maybe ten new homes a year, that has been hit with the closure of the Devon Gas Plant just in the last two months we need to encourage people to build here.

Even during the time when everybody is thrilled to hear that we may be the potential home for a Quebec manufacturer that could one day generate up to a hundred jobs. In addition a major new development going up in place of the Crowsnest Centre remember the “demolition before the first snow falls speech”.

What enlightening new idea have our leaders come up with to encourage people to build here? Bylaw 843-Safety Codes Service Fees.
We are going to take the cost of having those new homes certified from $3,683 to $8,080 by 2014 an increase of $4397 a 119% increase that's right 119%.
Hard to believe isn’t it?    


Anonymous said...

Yes, it is.

Anonymous said...

Coming from this council, nothing is hard to beleive.

Anonymous said...

Calgary Building Permit Fee Schedule[PDF]

"New single and two family dwellings - the Single Construction Permit fee (which includes the fees for building, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and gas permits) is calculated at $8.72 per $1000 of estimated construction costs"

That's less than 1%. Would this include the same stuff?

John Prince said...

Maybe they're expecting a housing and building boom we yet don't know about?


Anonymous said...

It is starting to get cold at night some frost in the mornings.
That first snowflake is not that far away!!!!!!!!!!!


Chloe said...

The Peace Officers must be paid along with outstanding consultants fees, impending lawsuit/legal costs, a new Fire Chief . . . This new information shouldn't come as any surprise to those in the Pass with a working brain. Sadly with the current council, arrogance is matched with ignorance of sound fiscal policy. Visions of growth? Not a chance in hell that this group will find their way out of a paper bag let alone give the Pass
hope for the future. Let the campaign begin to forge a new future! Take care.

Anonymous said...

OK, now that we have aspirations for big city administration – Let’s bring in the big city fees to encourage development. We should not be left behind Fort McMurray and Calgary in the fees department. We should have a safety codes department with proper staffing levels. One day, in the name of efficiency, we should put them all under the same new roof.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:06 At todays rate we are about at the same cost as Calgary.So in a couple of years we will be double.
I think council should be charging this out as per actual cost basis.For the amount of homes built aound here there is no way that a contractor would need 8,000/home.
Chloe, you are 100% right.One thing you forgot was the 5 or 6 new people working in the office that have to be paid.Any word on what your brother is up to nowadays?

Anonymous said...

Can anybody tell me why we are attempting to discourage building here. This really does defy logic. Or is it just me?


Anonymous said...

There appears to be lack of oxygen at the top.

Anonymous said...

Dean quit the whining this is going to impact six people a year who cares.
Its like this constant crap I hear about Franchise Fees who cares what's a few dollars here and there.
Then the Community Peace Officers if nobody breaks the law they will work themselves out of a job. Nobody cares.
The extra management have you ever figured out that our workforce would be a lot more productive if they had more management pushing them. Nobody cares Dean, all these whiners need to suck it up.


Anonymous said...

Obviously you care, otherwise you wouldn't be whining. :-(

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

James I take exception to your comments people do care in the Crowsnest Pass (a lot).
First comment 6 people exactly that's why we need to encourage people to build here.
Franchise Fees do a little research and see what the municipal will be collecting next year (proposed) versus a couple of years ago.
Community Peace Officers "work themselves out of a job" ?? can you give me one example of where that has ever happened?
The municipal workforce, from my experience on council just like any other workplace there are a number of people that would have a tough time justifying their pay cheque. But the "vast majority" of the workforce does a good job day in and day out.

Anonymous said...

IT is a shame what this council has done to the pass, a family member was looking to purchase a home in the Pass and checked a few out, too high of taxes and what if they wanted to improve things and it was refused so they found a more economical place close to the Pass and were welcomed with open sad for us all!

Anonymous said...

James - I hope you are being sarcastic in your comment - otherwise it makes no sense.