Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Calling all Volunteers In the Crowsnest Pass

Interesting Notice in the Pass Herald today from the Municipality.

I quote the following:

“Numerous Boards and Committees did not have sufficient applicants and therefore the Municipality is requesting those individuals that were not able to meet previous application deadlines or were unaware of the opportunity to be a part of these Boards and Committees to consider participating”.

They are advertising vacancies on the following boards:

Crowsnest Pass Senior Housing
Family and Community Support Services
Municipal Library Board
Municipal Heritage Board
Subdivision and Development Appeal Board
Culture and Heritage Committee
Sport and Recreation Committee
Economic Development and Tourism Advisory Board

Keep in mind that most of these positions have been advertised for at least the last three months.


Anonymous said...

And then when no one goes on these boards, they will say, that council, doing what they want again.
Volunteers should not change their perspective - they are always good and beneficial.
And they did not call the police on their volunteers; they called them regarding a swack of explosives that were improperly stored. Lucky it was a good end. Anyways, get over it and move along. They can reapply if they want.

John Prince said...

Dean, with everything that is going on today in our community this is what I fear most, the decimation of our volunteer base. The bedrock, foundation, of our community is in its volunteers. Lose this and how does your house stand?

Anonymous said...

Who would apply for a job with the knowledge of how the employer has treated past employees? I know I wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Well, no matter what we all must live here and I will continue to volunteer as I want to make it the best place possible.
Volunteering has nothing to do with employer or employees.

Anonymous said...

After being surprised to find "highly explosive fireworks" in a purpose built storage facility behind the Blairmore fire hal, our council called the police on the volunteers who were so foolish as to think the fireworks could be used at some future summer event. The media came, the fireworks were removed and, according to the press release, the municipality considers the case closed. All volunteers are encouraged to reapply. Yes, everything is going according to the strategic plan.What would happen if the had to improvise a little?

Anonymous said...

Hey Dean, we should try for Reality TV for our little area. I bet we can beat Hell’s Kitchen for entertainment value. This would promote both tourism and humor, and maybe even a job or two.

Anonymous said...

4:42; No, chef Ramsey can cook. When it comes to book cooking, I'll bet that he "plates up" on time.

Anonymous said...

No one is cooking books. The RR weekend accounting is not available because of data entry problems.

Anonymous said...

From the CNP website:

Sports & Recreation Committee

"The Municipality of Crowsnest Pass has deemed it necessary for the development of an independent Sports and Recreation Committee to accomplish its goals and objectives as outlined in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Community Strategic Action Plan 2012 - 2014. The Sports and Recreation Committee will act as a Community Resource to assist Municipal Council in Planning, Identification of Community Needs, Determination of Priorities and Communication of those items important to the supporting of individuals, groups and organizations in the delivery of programs and services. The Sports and Recreation Committee is to represent a broad based Community profile which reflects the diversity of residents that enjoys Sports and Recreation activities. The Committee is an advisory body and provides Council with information on sports and recreation.

One of the committee’s key tasks is to assist Municipal Council in setting Community priorities as they relate to capital or operating funding or to resources provided by the municipality. Another task is to act as a resource to Municipal Council and external groups regarding public Sports and Recreation matters. To this end there are four key tasks that will form the strategic foundation of the Committee: Planning, Identification of Community Needs, Determining Priorities Planning and Communication

Following are the Four Key Tasks that are the strategic foundation of the Sports and Recreation Committee."

I can't understand why people aren't lining up to volunteer on this committee.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:12 wrote:
The RR weekend accounting is not available because of data entry problems.

Or a virus ate the data:


Anonymous said...

A Sports & Recreation Committee? Check in the mirror Ski Hill Society. You just may have a target on your forehead.

Anonymous said...

They are going to push away the volunteers that only have a particular interest. Soccer, swimming, ski hill etc.

Anonymous said...

anon8:12 Data entry problems, if that is the excuse it is an even bigger joke.Its not like there are millions of things to be entered.How hard can it be to know where you spent money and where you had income.

John Prince said...

Anon @8:33
This lack of transparency while treating residents here as fools is what is sinking this council.

It's not the Ratepayers they have to be fearful of, its their own hubris and feelings of entitlement.

Sometimes you really can be your own worst enemy.


Jose said...

DATA ENTRY PROBLEMS for RRD: last year, there was no separate coding for the RRD weekend. That was the excuse. This year, there WAS adequate time to prepare, and we were told at the Town Hall Meeting that the fancy new computer system and training had placed us into the 21st Century.

Well, by now the problems should be resoved. if not why not? What has happened to good old pencil, paper and calculator. There are enough staff in Municipal Hall to fall over each other.

This is an Organization that cannot see the forest for the trees. Or the RRD hot potatoe is being passed around the office and Council. Clould be that the Finance Department needs a house cleaning? Lots of brooms around today on Halloween.


Anonymous said...

...eye of newt and wing of bat...Oh wait, there are three RRD T'shirts that are not accounted for. You'll have to wait untill Nov. 20th for our final report.

Anonymous said...

The release of the report has been delayed for purely technical reasons. Unfortunately, these minor technical reasons cannot be addressed until after the next election.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Prince and Mr. Ward: do you volunteer on any committe? I am guessing NO

Anonymous said...

Excellent question. Not only what volunteering on committes, or what kind of volunteering in general. Interesting question.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

6:32 and 8:09

Well lets guess again.

I will only speak for myself obviously it's up to you if you choose to contact Mr Prince, I will let you and him deal with that.

Just of the top of my head I can think of the following:

For almost two years I sat has a volunteer on the CNP Timberwolves executive. To which I gave many hundreds of hours of my personal time for various fund raisers and assisting with putting on games.
For four years I sat on the Crowsnest Historical society as a board member and also put in many, many hours of my time volunteering for various events and fund raisers.
For the last six months I have sat on the Community Health Foundation, helped out just a little bit on their golf tournament prior to becoming a member of their board and look at being very active over the next 30 months.

After the last election I also put forth my name as a "volunteer" to sit on at least 3 maybe 4 boards with the municipality, obviously at that time they either had ample numbers of volunteers or the skills I had to offer were not in line with what they were looking for. I would like to tell you which but I was never told.

If I really wanted to take the time I could list many, many hours selling raffle tickets, calenders, bake sales, garbage clean up, relay for life, volunteer waiter at the art gallery, even cooked chilli at least three times,etc.

Now lets talk about the financial side of helping out various groups. To my dear friends that choose to question me on this issue. I offer you a challenge call me at 563-4128 I will meet you for a coffee bring your tax receipts for the last ten years, I will bring mine. We will compare how much in financial support we have each given to various groups. Now I know we don't all have the same income levels so we will look at it has a percentage of income. Also you can tell me about all the groups you have supported over the years with your time.

Don't expect I will be getting a call soon.