Friday, October 5, 2012

Crowsnest Pass Ratepayers Association

Open Letter to Mayor and Council

The Municipal Government Act states that under general duties of councilors:

(a) to consider the welfare and interests of the municipality as a whole and to bring to council’s attention anything that would promote the welfare or interests of the municipality.

This could be interpreted as if only the councilor considers that which would promote the welfare or interests of the municipality and the taxpayer’s input would be meaningless.

There are two types of government, the irresponsible and the responsible. We are currently being led by a group using the irresponsible method. Anyone and I do mean anyone can balance a budget by increasing fees, utilities, licenses, electrical, etc. etc. and rewriting the bylaws which when violated carry a large fine the first offense beginning at $250. Tally up the total increased revenue and add 2.5% to the property tax and voila you have a balanced budget even one that would show a surplus. Such genius!

The second type of governing the responsible method takes some doing. It is a method using common sense, restraint, cutting spending and if needs be to obtain a balanced budget add a minimal amount to the property tax. This method shows a governing body to be accountable and fiscally responsible to the people it represents, the taxpayer.

By increasing everything from soup to nuts, have you considered the burden you are placing upon the seniors of this community? What do we do, email Stephen Harper or Flaherty and tell them that our municipality is nickel and diming us to the extent that we might have to cut back on our groceries, or perhaps cut out one of our prescriptions because our rates went up and we are over budget? I’m sure that they just might consider a $1.50 raise on our pension.

Let’s face the truth of the matter. You have hired a group of strangers (experts) to come to our community and force upon us their ideas and methods in order to teach us how we should live in our own domain. We've been doing pretty well up until now, or so we thought so, but that doesn't appear to be the case. Many people I have spoken with have stated that this isn't Calgary and we do not have to deal with the noise, pace and congestion which in order to curb problems arising from this are forced to pass bylaws. This is not the case here, and if my sidewalk isn't cleared of snow, then it’s because I cleared it and the snowplow came along and covered it up. It seems that since Kevin Robbins and Donna Tona have been on board we have a new bylaw to contend almost every week, no ifs and or buts, it’s a done deal and we have to live with it.

Also, why are you doing everything that covers a period of three years? Has the thought crossed your mind that you won’t be in office then? This council and mayor are suffering from the BIG FROG LITTLE PUDDLE SYNDROME. Get over it and start doing the job you were elected to do instead of harassing your citizens and preying on us. If this is what you consider having our best interests at heart then you certainly have a misconstrued idea as to what good governing is all about. Start being responsible, and show some Government Transparency and we will feel that maybe we are not just cash cows living here for the hell of it.

Marilyn Milley - (on behalf of the Ratepayers Association)

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peter rosner said...

Brilliant i have been thinking more along the lines of George Orwells "Animal Farm" ---Our mayor (Napoleon) has been so full of himself to the point that he resembles that character. He has tried the divide and conquer strategy but it is starting to backfire on him.