Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fireworks issues in the Crowsnest Pass

RCMP Press release

Crowsnest Pass RCMP are advising that the RCMP Explosive Disposal Unit has been requested to assist the Explosives Regulatory Division of Canada in the removal of a large cache of fireworks from the Blairmore Fire Hall in Crowsnest Pass Tuesday, on October 16, 2012 at 7:00 am.

The RCMP's role in this is provide expertise in the area of managing these types of explosives and to provide safety to the public during the extrication of the them. Transportation and destruction of the fireworks and any investigation into the matter will be managed by the Explosive Regulatory Division of Canada.


Anonymous said...

Some questions for us taxpayers. Wasn’t there a more sensible way to address the issue of the leftover fireworks, which would have been gone, had the council had not cancelled the Thunder in the Valley? Was the decision to call the police on our volunteers discussed with full council? Or, was this the work of only couple of people? Do we now have an expensive municipal lawyer on full retainer, among all the other consultants who got us to this point? If we keep generating so many legal issues, we may soon need a full legal department with a director, just like in a big city. Do we budget adequately for all the legal work which we are currently generating here? How much does it cost to bring the bomb disposal unit from wherever they come from, and is this going to be added to our policing cost? And how would we feel if there was a real emergency in the city while they were here? Isn’t there a better way to spend tax dollars if we are concerned with public safety? There is no cross-walk in front of the High School.

Anonymous said...

The council and administration are using the Firemen/Fireworks issue in a desperate attempt to deflect the attention away from the real issues.
Any day now Decoux will start selling some more hope. Maybe an industrial outfit that is going to bring a lot of high paying jobs to the Crowsnest Pass.