Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Petition Numbers telling a story

Well as of 11 am this morning the petition is standing at 2440.
Despite all the euphoria of the Holiday Inn coming to town this still indicates that the taxpayers obviously have concerns, that's now a clear majority of all the eligible voters in the Crowsnest Pass, 51.8 to be exact.
Let's not lose sight of two other factors, one being that this is only the 19th day and two that the municipality launched a massive and expensive advertising campaign last week, which from the people I have spoken to back fired on them.


Anonymous said...

You want a reflection of what's going on in this community read the following on Sasha's blog.


Anonymous said...

51.8% is a very clear majority.But reality is that about 30% of the population never votes and never cares about things like a petition.So for active VOTERS the number would be closer to 74%.Either way it would be very difficult for council to continue to think that the "silent majority" stand with them.
The province requires 20% of the population to sign a petition before they will even look at things.They know how difficult it is to get 20%.We are getting close to 40%.
What can the Mayor and council be thinking?