Friday, October 12, 2012

Crowsnest Pass Ratepayers Meeting Oct 11

Want to check out the ratepayers meeting of October 11, available at the following address

But sure to check my poll on the right hand side, Administration and Council informed the ratepayers on Tuesday that one of the reasons the Peace Officers travel and work together is because the municipality has a "watch list".
What does this sound like? Big Brother is watching you.


Anonymous said...

From SJB (Tuesday meeting)
"He said that our Peace Officers compliment the local RCMP. He said that the RCMP's priority is crime, not enforcment or writing tickets."

If there is thought to be a risk of violence, the RCMP should be called in, not the other PO. (I don't understand why our bylaw officer didn't do that)

The issue of governments keeping dossiers on people who have not been convicted of anything has come up elsewhere. I don't know the legality of it, but:

"FAQs for Municipalities" linked on this page:

66. What is a "personal information bank" (a PIB)?
• Section 87.1(5) of the FOIP Act contains the definition of a PIB. Basically it is any collection of personal information where information about an individual can be found using the individual's name or an unique identifier, such as social insurance number, client number or employee number.
• Municipalities are required to have a list of their PIBs available at their offices, and provide it to the public upon request.

(i.e. you don't have to FOIP it)

66 is the last item, but please glance through the other 65. You will not believe CNP is an Alberta municipality.

John Prince said...

Dean, I for one am not surprised by this watch list. Every time I walk into a room with councillors present, they 'watch me' like a hawk. :-) lol!


Anonymous said...

PS: If you're looking through that FOIP FAQ, bear in mind that generally if they CAN disclose something then they MUST (except for few specific situations where thet have discretion).

Anonymous said...

It's time for you folks to quit whining and grow up. Welcome to the 21st century Crowsnest Pass.

Misty Shitz

Anonymous said...

All right Misty, Tell us what this council has accomplished that is positive?
I can give you a long list of negatives, but I will wait for your reply.

Anonymous said...

Ya Misty Shit(z) with a 'z'! Wake up! The people are speaking in a DEMOCRACY!

Anonymous said...

To :
Cc :
Subject : PIB list
----- Message Text -----

Will you please email me the CNP Directory of personal information
banks, per Section 87.1 of the FOIP Act?

Anonymous said...

Wow... paranoia and suspicion is ripping the Pass apart.

I guess this is the Mountain Paradise through syguteks wanted... they asked for this through their beatings in that paper of theirs.

You all should be ashamed.