Thursday, December 13, 2012

Community Peace Officers how the public sees it.

I received the following comment today at 10:11:

“Change of subject - I see the Peace officers wrote tickets to the tune of 13,442 in the month of November. All traffic violations. They did some bylaw work but I do not see any major clean up going on. 2 things come to mind. I think that they would have to write tickets to the tune of about 17,000/month to break even and probably even more. So I think we are losing money and not getting any major clean up done. Secondly, I think it will only get harder to continue to generate these revenues. The locals already know where the speed traps are and it is only a matter of time before almost everyone else knows too.”

This appears to be a reflection of what I am hearing around town, first unless somebody can prove otherwise I see no evidence of any major or for that matter minor clean up.

The second comment regarding revenue of $13,442 in November and the remark that it will take about $17,000 a month to break even and probably even more? It will be more much more let me throw some numbers at you.

First CP Officer Rate of pay Jan 1/2013 $31.68 per hour x 2080 hours a year (40hrs 52 wks)   $65,894.
Second Peace Officer rate of pay is not in the collective agreement but being a sergeant he is probably making at least $4 a hour more so $35.68 x 2080 hours a year $74,214.    

Wages alone come to $140,108 then factor in an additional 5% for overtime that number becomes $147,113.

Now let us talk about benefits the municipality allows 25% on top of wages to cover the cost of benefits provided to the employees in the collective agreement. $147,113 x 25% = $36,778.

Already we are at $183,899

Let’s talk about the trucks $130,000 to buy them and rig them all out if you amortize that over four years, you know by then most of the equipment they have in their trucks will need replacing at it will be obsolete. Another $32,500 a year.

Fuel they have to be spending a $1000 a month on each vehicle, $24,000 a year.

Registration/Insurance $3,000 a year.

Cell phones $200 a month $2,400 a year.

Clerical support even allowing 5 hours a week at $30 per hour $7,800 per year.

Up grading, training, certifications have to be at least $5,000 per year.    

Wages + Benefits $183,899
Trucks + up keep   $32,500
Fuel                      $24,000
Reg/Insurance        $3,000
Phones                  $2,400
Clerical support      $7,800
Training                  $5,000
Total      $258,599 divided by 12 months $21,550 per month.

I am sure I have not captured all the costs here, what will it cost to fight these tickets in court? I am sure not everybody is going to just right a check.

Then to the reader’s last comment about getting harder to generate that level of revenue, your right the locals have figured out where the speed traps are. In addition, keep in mind these Peace Officers are CUPE members which means they will be taking an average of 4 weeks off next year, which will mean less revenue again. 


Anonymous said...

So if your numbers are correct the peace officer program is costing us about 8,000/month.We get no clean up and the likelyhood of things getting better are worse. I think I read in Sig Gails letter to the editor that the bylaws were not strong eneough TO be enforced.So if that was/is the case why would you go out and hire 2 of these guys? When we do have strong eneough bylaws and they actually are spending time enforcing them is there anyway that these guys could pay for themselves?

Anonymous said...

You have seen my comments on the Firemen situation. We need CPO's, 21st century folks.

Misty Schitz

Anonymous said...

Mitsy please tell me what will happen in the CNP with our new fire department and CPOs? How will this make us better?

Anonymous said...

Misty, it is great that you feel that strongly about CPO's. I will support your opinion 100% if you are willing to pay for the inherrant bureaucracy that results.
Welcome to my 21st century.

Anonymous said...

The CPO's could be useful to bring up the rear of the Marching Band. With Misty's enthusiasm for the entire project, she will make an excellent Majorette. She will make us proud.

Anonymous said...

What a great Christmas party last night. Thanks to everybody that came and a very Merry Christmas. What a great group of people, this town is truly blessed.

Misty Schitz

Anonymous said...

Misty.. how did you get that invite to last night's party of the Nuveau Chic? I checked my PO box, and even checked for the availability of tickets on Ebay with abject anticipation, but I found myself subject to nothing but dissapointment. Is it that I am out of this loup? Please go on and tell us what I and others missed.

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

And the real Misty?

Anonymous said...

The 21 Century Marching Band provided splendid entertainment at the Christmas shindig - great thanks to all who participated.