Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Press Release Dec 4

NEWS RELEASE | Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mayor and Council Welcome Minister’s Involvement
Provincial inspection will help to confirm practices and policies
of Crowsnest Pass government

(Crowsnest Pass, AB.) Yesterday, in a letter sent to Crowsnest Pass Mayor Bruce Decoux, Alberta’s Minister of Municipal Affairs Doug Griffiths advised that he will conduct a municipal inspection of the policies and practices of the municipality in response to a petition received by his office. According to the Minister’s letter, the objective of the inspection was “to support the role of Council and administration in providing local government services in the community.”
“We welcome Minister Griffith’s review of our community’s practices and policies and appreciate the inspection’s importance in clarifying the value of the services and decisions that we make each and every day to support Crowsnest Pass,” said Mayor Bruce Decoux. “We value the fact that the Municipal Government Act within this province allows for checks and balances in the operations of local governments so as to protect communities and individuals. Having an oversight system in place strengthens democracy and helps to build strong and vibrant communities,” said Decoux.
Mayor Decoux and Council are determined to ensure that community members feel confident in their local government and the decisions that are made on behalf of our citizens. According to the Minister’s letter, an inspector will be appointed who will have broad access to any matter connected with the management, administration or operation of the municipality. Once complete, the inspection report is generally presented in an advertised public meeting.
“Council and our administration will continue to serve in an open and transparent manner and we will continue to be accessible to the community we serve and to make decisions that will strengthen our community which we all value,” said Mayor Decoux. “We will do everything in our power to support the Ministry of Municipal Affairs as it moves forward with its inspection.”

For more information contact:
Myron Thompson, Chief Administrative Officer

Municipality of Crowsnest Pass | 403-563-2201


Anonymous said...

“Council and our administration will continue to serve in an open and transparent manner ..."

In today's Promoter, p. 6, "CAO Reports to Council":
"Administration is currently working on ...(FOIP) requests, which Thompson described as an 'arduous task' "

FOIP requires that some kinds of information must be kept confidential. Everything else is legally public information.

If they are doing this right, dealing with FOIP requests should not be an "arduous task". If they are "open and transparent" we should not need to pay the $25 FOIP fee for public documents, they should just email them to us or put them on the website like other municipalities do.

They seem to have an "everything is secret" culture, so when a FOIP request comes in they don't have a clue what is public information.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Dean did you hear that the municipality hired a new deputy fire chief?

Anonymous said...

another paid fire position?

Anonymous said...

they used to pay 4500 a day before they hired this deputy doesnt thay sound like a deal our these guys all connected some how? friends hey come to the crowsnest pass ill hire you then in 10 months when they get rid of us well get a nice severance package to go back home with!!!

Anonymous said...

I heard the new Deputy chief from Charlie Lake has moved his family here - must have a pretty secure job at the fire department.

Jose said...

The motto here is " Make hay while the sun shines". They are putting the final nails in the coffins of the previous Volunteer Fire Depts. The old fire group is history I'm afraid, Investigation or not. In your face by the Regime for sure.

If the Deputy Fire Chief is indeed hired and from Charly Lake, what happened to the original plan to appoint the Deputy from one of the Volunteer Fire Chiefs?

Regarding Deputies in the Administration, with the number of high level Directors and Managers on stress leave, we need Deputies and Assistant Deputies in the ranks to handle the perceived work load. Wonder who will get the axe when it comes time to downsize. Or, is the Mayor jacking up the Admin in order to handle the annexation of Ranchland MD?

QUESTION - when on stress leave, is the cost of the position that is aaffected " on the budget"? If so, we will end up with a budget surplus the way things are going.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jose
I see it as the final nails in "their" coffins.
Everyday the "others" are digging themselves in deeper.
We WILL clean this mess up, after the inquiry or the next election. Which ever, they are done...bud a bing

Anonymous said...

At certain point, a bureaucracy assumes a life of its own and starts procreating.

Anonymous said...

Dean check out the following:

Especially the second paragraph "He says he will be responsible for four different fire halls and 100 firefighters, and they made him an offer he couldn't resist. In addition to more responsibility and a salary the Peace River Regional District couldn't match, Crowsnest Pass is only two hours away from his children's grandparents."

Anonymous said...

I hope they look at what's going on with the staff at the municipality. Morale is so low that we are not even having a Christmas Party this year.