Thursday, December 27, 2012

Manager of Corporate services ? and a few other issues

Hopefully everybody had a good Christmas.

This morning I noticed on the Municipal Web site under the employment section the Manager of Corporate Services position is no longer listed.

In my mind this could mean one of two things either the position has been filled, or the ghost of fiscal sanity  visited council and administration Christmas Eve and showed them a glimpse of the future. Which led to a stalling of the drive to fill every vacant office in the municipality with an administrator.

If the position has been filled then contrary to what any politician claims we will have the largest bureaucracy in the thirty three year history of the Crowsnest Pass.
(CAO, Directory of Finance and Corporate Services, Director of Community and Protective Services, Director of Engineering, Planning and Public Works, Manager of Public Works, Manager of Corporate Services, Fire Chief, Deputy Fire Chief). Now repeat all of that without making a mistake.


Attended a Budget meeting just prior to Christmas, couple of issues of note interesting to hear that the money for the demolition of the Centre is still there for next year despite everybody brimming with confidence that the developer will be tearing the building down at their cost. Also that $1.5 million dollars has been set aside for recreational purposes (very general statement) no specific place for this cash it will have to wait for the out come of a recreational feasibility study. With less than ten months left in this council's term they better get that consultant in quickly to do this study or is this funding being directed towards this council's second term?  

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Anonymous said...

I bet they did not hire another guy as the pressure from the ratepayers and the petition are too much.It will be a little hard to explain why you need so many more employees than previous council as is.
The budget for the removal of the CLC still has money in it.I am not shocked as I beleive they have no Hotel deal and are full of it and will look to keep this lie alive as long as they can, probably until the next election(bridgecreek).1.5 mil set aside for a rec centre?
Dean, do they have these monies (see above)socked away in a nice safe place or are these just numbers like that fancy fire truck they were going to buy?