Monday, December 10, 2012

They just don’t get it……… or are they?

Now both Councilors that blog have spoken plus the Mayor’s press release from last week, it appears to me that they and the rest of council are not getting the message about the petition. (See links below)

They are all welcoming Municipal Affairs, they all have nothing to hide, and the people have been misled or intimidated. I have this vision in my mind of the Mayor and Council waving their arms and telling the Minister to “bring it on”.

Personally, I do not and I think most people would agree expect Municipal Affairs to send somebody in here that is going to find massive incidents of fraud or other criminal activity.

We all know that we have had petitions in the Crowsnest Pass before; they failed for one reason or another. From the research, I have done other communities that have been involved in petitions some succeeded some failed. I cannot find one other community where such a high percentage of the population signed a petition so fast. In less than twenty days, every second voter in this community signed the petition.

Does that not say something? The message Council and administration should be getting, is that the taxpayers are not happy. Rome was not built in a day and yes people will accept “change” it always a matter of how much and how fast.

Some people say to me that this Council due to some of their member’s arrogance, naivety, or just plain state of denial will never get the taxpayers message. We should not lose sight of the fact that since the petition was presented to Municipal Affairs, the municipality has changed course on a number of issues, removing the Swimming Pool Authority, The Quint Ladder truck, Franchise Fees. What is next? May be we will all be seduced with the ultimate in vote buying a smaller tax increase.   

Weather they are getting the message or not one thing they will not be able to beat is time. All politicians find out that the same people that put them in power can remove them just has fast. Come October 22, 2013 people will analysis the results, some people will be very happy and some will claim the voters were misled, intimidated or any other excuse that makes the speaker feel better.    


Anonymous said...

This was on Pincher Creek voice today. I think this would be a wonderful course for all councillors. Basically they go in not knowing much; it must all be learned. This would be a great tool. Maybe it will become mandatory. Hope so.

MD of Pincher Creek No. 9 Councillors Helen Cyr and Terry Yagos recently received certificates upon completing four core courses and three secondary courses of the Elected Officials Education Program (EOEP). Cyr and Yagos are currently serving their first term on the MD council.

Peter Rosner said...

Dean ten months is a long time in politics but i dont think peoples memories will be that short. It is like i explained to one counciler. Last time 1400 local citizens were not happy with that council. This time around there are over 2500 people that are not pleased with the way the municipality is being run how do you think they are going to survive an election. At least with the petition they are starting to get the message.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

The next election is the answer to our political woes. What these guys will learn is that has they have given zero credit to previous councils and administrations. In the not to distant future they will hear for at least a couple of years the next council blaming them for all the problems they have to fix.
At least with our big issue (Crowsnest Centre) we had a sizeable part of the public supporting us.

Anonymous said...

It's to late for these guys, there is nothing they can do to redeem themselves.


Anonymous said...

Dean, on the Crowsnest Center issue I appreciate the difficult stand you (and others) took. When you challenged someone in the community with influence who had become accustom to entitlement, you felt her wrath. You are right when you say the majority of citizens wanted to put an end this money pit we were feeding endlessly with no accountability. Interesting how life is, Lisa showed you how much influence she has with the Pass Herald arsenal. The sad thing is our community has paid a high price for her miss use of that paper. This council was not elected on their merit, they were elected on negative press Lisa gave the previous council.

Anonymous said...

Yes, too bad people listened to the media. It happens time and time again for some reason. I think the other way, believe about maybe half of what media says. What's to say that Lisa from the Herald knew anything better than anyone else. But she still lost out on municipal money in the end anyways. Maybe people have learned a lesson, listen to YOURSELF.

John Prince said...

Anon @8:12
To further make your point consider this:

"Elections are won by men and women chiefly because most people vote against somebody rather than for somebody."


Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Your right John I agree a lot of people will vote against a number of people this coming election

Anonymous said...

They are right, there is nothing for them to worry about.
Because why would a wasteful, incompetent Government from Edmomton do anything about its equivalent in the Crowssnest Pass.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, blind leading blind I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Anom 4:53 AM
Two comments
1-you sure get up early.
2-In the case of the Crowsnest Center, Lisa was the manager of it so when public funding got cut off, her perspective of what she considered the offending councillors was obscured. The Pass Herald has never had a reputation of been objective but her vendetta on this issue was a new low.