Monday, January 21, 2013

Bingay Mine-More Information on a new mine in the Elk Valley

For all those people that are interested in coal mining return to the Crowsnest Pass, click on the following link it provides a lot of information about a new mine in the Elk Valley and the process that a company must go through prior to mining.


Anonymous said...

Are you against coal mining in the CNP?

John Prince said...

Wow! This is something a guy can sink his teeth into, now isn't it. No pie-in-the-sky here but instead facts and figures, time lines, studies, etc. Particularly impressed with the principles behind this project.


Crowsnest Pass Home said...

I support responsible, sensible use of our natural resources.

I just want people to be realistic.

1. The deal does not close until the end of June.
2. This Riversdale resources does not presently operate any mines, their company today consists of a 10 year coal lease on a property in Alaska, and the conditional purchase of coal leases in the MD of Ranchlands.
3. I have had people ask me if they will be hiring this year for production? Really
4. The Mayor and Riversdale in both of their infinite wisdoms choose to ignore the MD of Ranchlands prior to this big announcement. Imagine how we would feel if Ranchlands and Riversdale had announced that they were going ahead with a mine in the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass. Best case poor judgement.
5. Riversdale's claim to fame was the sale of Riversdale Mining to Rio Tinto less than two years ago which cost the CEO of Rio Tinto his job and a huge write down of the value of the property.
6. Riversdale according to media reports from Australia are conducting a share offering to raise $60 million in the summer, to pay for the CNP acquisition once you take out the $48 million for the land costs, does not leave a whole lot to develop a mine.
7. Think back to 2007 how excited everybody got.

No I am not opposed to a mine, I think it would be a great thing for the Pass done right.

One of my commenter's said we need to proceed with caution and be optimistic. I agree

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long it would take Riversdale to get to the stage of producing a document like this - and this is just the beginning of the approval process?

In the meantime there will be much uncertainty. Would you start a manufacturing or tourism business knowing your workers might leave for high paying mining jobs? We already have uncertainty over the highway.

Scott Adams on change: Dilbert Jan. 16

Anonymous said...

Uncertainty over the highway, huh??

It is what it is. As you can see if you live in Alberta, don't think it will be high on REDFORD's list. They are floundering big time.
And I am sure they have bigger priorities, such as Highway 63. The only uncertainty is what certain people have made up.