Thursday, January 24, 2013

Highway upgrade in the Crowsnest Pass

Mayor Decoux has been talking about significant upgrades to Highway 3 going through the Crowsnest Pass.
Story on CBC today link below, I thought he was talking about re-routing Highway 3, maybe with budget constraints in Edmonton the following is just the first step.


Anonymous said...

I lived in the Pass for 3 years. I know how 'long' the Pass is. You get deer etc from one end to the other. So my question is where do they want to build this underpass? And as for the fencing, that's a lot of fencing! LOL
They might also want to think about putting an underpass near the passing lanes just east of the weigh station at Burmis. There's (or used to be when I lived there) a large herd of deer there that just love to mess with drivers.

Anonymous said...

So where does anybody think Allison is going to find the money after last night?

Anonymous said...

Really bright thinking there. How about an underpass at the West exit at Hwy 3 to get westbound traffic onto the north side of the highway and an appropriate merge lane to get traffic up to speed on the ensuing hill.

With the proposed developement and with the ever increasing traffic volume, wouldn't saving human lives be of a higher priority?

The overpasses and underpasses throughout the Bow Corridor were each multimillion dollar expenditures. An underpass could be close to par.

Don't get me wrong. I like wildlife. I also cherish my neighbours and those that choose to visit this town, and also my own safety.

Money should be spent wisely.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Crossing solution. Have to view it to the end. Must have been shot by the Crowsnest Admimistration.

Anonymous said...

'Donna the Deer Lady' T'shirts are actually selling like hot-cakes. Her call back to the radio station after she found out how stupid she seemed was cute. No fencing would be needed here. All we would need are sign posts with yellow arrows imposed on black directing the deer towards the crossing.

How about an 'at grade' deer crossing with flashing lights and a proximity sensor to activate them. On second thought, that won't work. Deer are smart and would soon learn that the ultimate entertainment would be waiting for a Peace Officer truck and running back and forth from curb to curb.

I think that a consultant's study may be needed.