Friday, January 18, 2013

Thunder in the valley deferred again?

The following article appears in this week's Pass Promoter the link to the story written by Joni MacFarlane is at the bottom of the Post

Rum Runner Days’ fate in limbo

A brief and ultimately indecisive discussion took place last week on the fate and funding of Rum Runner Days festivities.
During budget discussions, administration recommended municipal funding for 2013 Rum Runner Days be reduced to $4,500 from $40,000. The recommendation was made to match annual funding levels given to other community organizations who put on events such as Bellecrest Days, Canada Day and Pumpkins in the Park, said Chief Administrative Officer Myron Thompson.
“Without a community events strategy in place or without external organizations coming forward to take some initiative, we feel that this funding reduction could be considered,” Thompson said.
Last year, council decided to put off the popular Thunder in the Valley fireworks show, citing safety and financial concerns.
A reduced Rum Runner Days weekend was held and the financial report released in November, showed that it cost taxpayers $44,000 plus a municipal contribution of $40,000.
On Jan. 17, some council members said they needed to have a discussion on the issue when they had more time.
Mayor Bruce Decoux questioned how Rum Runner Days had become so heavily funded compared to other community events.
Marion Vanoni, director of finance and corporate services, told council she was involved in the event since 1981 when a committee of the Crowsnest Pass Chamber of Commerce organized it.
Eventually, she said, as the event grew, the Chamber asked for council’s support.
“At that point, our committee switched from being under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce to be more overlooked by the council, simply because of the type of event with the fireworks and the need to try and put more money into keeping people… for the whole weekend,” said Vanoni. “As that evolved, more participation in kind came from the municipality funding as you see it now. We were considered to be more of a draw for outside people to come in, more economic, as opposed to Coleman and Bellevue which were more local community-knit events.”
Mayor Decoux agreed council would need more time to discuss funding levels but stressed that council did not cancel the fireworks display.
“There seems to be a misconception here. This council deferred Rum Runner fireworks for a year. That means for that year it was cancelled. It was deferred until another year,” said Mayor Decoux. “Due to circumstances, we no longer have the ability to put on the fireworks locally but there are many, many fireworks experts available. That does not preclude that Rum Runners’ group from raising money and hiring a group to do that… I hate to see that thing disappear forever… There’s nothing that says they cannot stage the whole thing again under the new bylaws, under the new safety precautions that are in place.”
Mayor Decoux went on to say that he had hoped to stage a Jamboree next summer in conjunction with Rum Runner Days, but “the Exhibition group backed out until after the inspection that was instigated by the Ratepayers group”.
Councillor Saindon, who was Chair of the 2012 Rum Runner Days, said there had been no response from committee members to an email sent out on Jan. 10.
“This is up to the public, this is a volunteer situation, this is not a council endeavour,” said Mayor Decoux. “If the public wishes to hold it, that’s fine. The rules and regulations and safety precautions are in place as is required by the province and it’s up to the Rum Runners [committee].”


Jose said...

If ever there was a CYA explanation, and "it's not my/our fault, it's Theirs", this is it. What a bunch of bunk.


Anonymous said...

What a #$%^&, I can not wait for him and the lemmings to be removed from council.
I do have an idea though, Why not get Mitsy and the silent majority to put on the show.

John Prince said...

What a bunch of bunk, is right! Couldn't have said it better, Jose.


peter rosner said...

He must really think we are fools even his so called silent majority would have to be insulted with this explanation. He cant be serious what does he think that you can walk all over these people and they will come crawling back.

Anonymous said...

Who is the best at deflecting responsibility? The province made us do it, the cancellation. Oops, the "deferment," that is. If the city of Vancouver can have a fireworks show put up by the experts, then why can't CNP hire them for a weekend? "We did not call the police on our own volunteers!" The Feds did it. Another city would put up a summer festival for us, if we were not under provincial investigation - the review that is. It's the Ratepayers fault. Where is the Silent Majority in all this? Waiting for October.

Anonymous said...

No one with half a brain, thought it was only “deferred for one year”

Anonymous said...

“Without a community events strategy in place ...”

OMG!! We need a Strategy. Where can we get a Strategy?

Anonymous said...

“Mayor Bruce Decoux questioned how Rum Runner Days had become so heavily funded compared to other community events.”

Wow! Any moron can understand why Thunder in the Valley was funded, the question is, why was this council’s local street festival(2012 Rum Runners Days) so heavily funded???

Peter said...

Anon 6:52

"Rum Runner Days being so heavily funded"-- It wouldn't have anything to do with a maid Marion would it????? Where is the reports for the last 10 years????

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how much Vancouver or Calgary spend on their fireworks?

Jose said...

To Anon. 6:52
Whoa there. We can't have it both ways. The Firemen were able to hold their Thunder In The Valley event jointly with Rum Runner Days. TITV couldn't have been held alone without adding much cost. The two events grew together (rather TITV expanded and pulled along Rum Rummer Days) and the financial burden was likely shifted towards the Municipality as the Event grew. No big deal since it was an advantage to the Crowsnest and the Firemen were able to do good with the proceeds.

It was a Win-Win situation until the present Mayor arrived and got a "wedgey". Show me your books, but don't dare ask for our Municipal books. ( I doubt if maid Marion had much say in the matter of funding the 2012 Rum Rummer Days; after all, the King had arrived.)

Yes, the Municipality costs towards the TITV were not segregated. That was an accounting problem. No excuse. Regardless, it worked and could have been resolved without narcissism getting involved.

The Mayor and Council are attempting to explain their hatchet job on TITV in 2012, and their misguided misinterpreted costly mistake to cancel (oops! to "defer") TITV. It just doesn't work. There must have been something in the water these guys were drinking when the Meeting and discussions were held. Or, perhaps their heads were down the new Mine"s shaft?


Anonymous said...

So where do we apply for this $4500? Of course the RRD Committee, being an independent group with no official connection to the Municipality, will get no special preference.


BTW, the RRD2012 financial information here is more detailed than what CNP released.

Anonymous said...

Jose, Their heads were not down a mine shaft, they were up the mares butt.
This was and still is a pissing contest between the mare and the lemmings and the fire departments.9 more months.

Thank you also to the "We have nothing to hide" person.

Anonymous said...

no one locally is able to put on a fireworks display hmmmmmmm interesting i know some highly qualified gentlemen able to put on a fireworks display hahaha goodluck getting it done for free

Anonymous said...

As I am not from the area , I cannot get into the local politic's of it, BUT , as a licenced pyrotechnician , that has had a very similar thing happen , I can tell you the cancelling of the fireworks is not completely their doing. It is near impossible now , to find a community in Alberta that puts on their own fireworks shows now , and without naming any names , you can all thank a very selfish and greedy fireworks company from Calgary that has been instrumental in changing Alberta's fireworks laws to generate more business for himself . Just ask around . Red Deer , Sylvan Lake , Ponoka , Grand prairie ...... and I'm sure many others all used to do their own fireworks , and now have to contract out to professional companies , which quadruples the cost of putting on a show , as these guys demand to be paid , as well as have all their expenses paid.