Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Crowsnest Centre Site we all want to know the answers?

Here is your chance to ask questions regarding the sale of the Crowsnest Centre site.

If the following information is not released by the end of the day on Monday Feb 4, I will be filing a FOIP request to hopefully obtain the information. Any reasonable questions provided by my readers will be added to the list, please leave a comment including your question.

1. Selling price of land.
2. How much of the payment is made up front and if not all of the payment, when will the balance be paid.
3. Is the site sold has one parcel.
4. Development what is required by the developer and when
5. Old hospital and nursing home building will they be torn down and when
6. Will the municipality incur any costs for the demolition of the old hospital and nursing home
7. Will the developers be required to pay "Off-Site" levies
8. Will the municipality incur any Infrastructure costs on or connected to the site
9. Was there any agreement made between the municipality and purchaser to waive any municipal taxation on either a temporary or permanent basis.
10. Was there any agreement made to waive any other municipal costs than the one's already listed above
11. Is there any requirement for the municipality to pursue either Federal or Provincial grants to assist with development of the site.
12. Are there any escape clauses to the agreement for either the Municipality or the purchaser if yes for what reason and how much notice would be required.
13. Will the municipality be incurring any of the cost of removing the debris to either the Passburg or Lundbreck landfill sites.
14. Does the agreement include a security deposit to guarantee commitments made by the Purchaser/Developer. 


Anonymous said...

I think that you covered most of the bases.

"include a security deposit"

A BIG security deposit so we don't get saddled with damages.

Anonymous said...

None of the recent announcements give any clarity to anything. Maybe the only person they needed to hire is a Director of media services and public relations? Hopefully they will not take this seriously.

Anonymous said...

Here's another question for you: It has been said that the developer has partnered with a hotel chain- Which one?

Anonymous said...

Did they jump the gun? Were the details of the deal finalized before they made the announcement, or are they still working out the details? If that is the case, not saying that it is, that would not be a good place to be, when you are trying to make the best deal for the community. The sooner they release the details, the sooner they can put such speculation to rest. This is why serious partners to a deal release information simultaneously in order to eliminate unnecessary speculation. This is not how you play in the big league.

Anonymous said...

The MGA has a restriction on selling land below "market value" (defined in the Act). We should ask:

"What is the 'market value' for purposes of MGA 70 and how and when was this determined".


"Give us copies of contracts and agreements".

BTW, I think asking verbal questions and getting verbal answers in a losing game. They can spin it any way they want, use "creative accounting" and outright lie with no repercussions. We should be making FOIP requests for copies of official documents.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:59 Your answer is on Gallants blog.

Anonymous said...

Could we also ask what they propose to do with the money they received for the land. It should not be going into general revenue, could it be used to finance our new indoor recreation facility

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:59 check out Gallants blog and you will get your answer.

Anonymous said...

3:22, are you serious?

Anonymous said...

To anonymous: What NEW indoor recreational facility? Do we have 1 million dollars a year to keep the doors open? Get real.

Anonymous said...

On the Promoter front page:

" ... Mayor Bruce Decoux said on CJPR Radio that he believes a hotel is planned. "

Anyone hear that broadcast? Is that an accurate quote?

Anonymous said...

It looks like they have optioned the land to a company that is trying to put some type of a deal together. No big deal. How long is the buyer’s condition period? Why so much secrecy with these people? This does not look good.

Anonymous said...

So medicon must be working on a deal with another developer to do the hotel part. If you look at their web site and history hotels or commercial development are not their forte.


Anonymous said...

After months and months of negotiations - council agrees to a deal and orders the administration to do what? - sign a deal or to comb through the agreement for details? Or the deal is so complicated that both sides are combing through it for details, or maybe they found someone’s misplaced PhD thesis? Saturday Night Live material.

Anonymous said...

What is all the excitemen these shysters are feeding us.Give yopurself a shake . Cannot you see when you are getting taken advantage off.Use this site with CAUTION I have had some bad time getting rid of them.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

anon 5:30 Of course I am serious.Look under the Devon announcment in the comment section on Brian Gallants blog.
When I read this it seems to me that we do not have a deal in place. It is conditional and both sides are going over the contract.I do not know if this means we will have a deal today or a year from now or ever.They must feel that they are close to a deal to put the power into the CAOs hands but until the papers are signed you really have nothing.Why council did it this way makes no sense to me but I am sure they have their reasons. Hoping for the best, fearing for the worst.

Anonymous said...

You are right. It does not appear like there is a deal until they work out the details. The devil is always in the details. The only thing that remains is the Quebec Manufacturing. Wonder who is our lead negotiating team on this file?

Anonymous said...

It has become blatantly clear why the municipality has not hired a top economic development officer...the mayor appears to have adopted this position for himself and no one else has the expertise in wheeling and dealing with promising new developments except da mayor and da CAO. Anyone else just has to put their hand up and vote. No input is treated with respect or due diligence. So it looks as though we have an economic development officer with no credentials.

Anonymous said...

The poor fella is out of his depth. Too bad for the rest of us.

Marlene Anctil said...


I think that there should be a timeline given to prospective developers to begin development so that they cannot sit on the property for years.

Anonymous said...

They are selling the land to a company that is trying to find someone to finance and build a hotel. This does not look good. They rushed the announcement to show that they are doing something other than just spend taxpayers money building bigger bureaucracy and getting new stationary.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Dean you said on this post "If the following information is not released by the end of the day on Monday Feb 4...."
Just like magic end of the day Feb 4 the Press Release shows up.

Well done

Anonymous said...

As I mentioned elsewhere, you can't FOIP the contract before it exists. Maybe that's why they aren't saying.


Here is a FOIP request I am preparing:

The contract for the Crowsnest Centre (hotel RFP) sale and any related agreements with the purchaser or other parties. Documents showing market value per MGA 70.

Contracts for other land sales since Oct. 18, 2010 and documents showing market value per MGA 70.

CNP record retention policy.

List of bidders for the Peace Officer contract awarded to Transitional Solutions and means by which bids were solicited, including advertisements and solicitations to specific companies.

Records relating to the Bellevue jamboree referred to by the Mayor.

For the Branding event, Riversdale reception, Strategic Plan "retreats", and Christmas party:
-Authorised agenda and minutes (and any notes taken).
-list of invitees (excepting municipal employees for the Christmas party).
-Expenses (and budget source) including waiver of usual rental fees for publicly owned facilities.
-records showing who authorised the events and spending.

Anything else anyone wants to know?
Anything above that is already public, so I don't need to ask for it?