Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Great Opportunity to support your hospital.

Easy way to support your community health foundation.

For the month of June if you have any bottles, can, milk jugs etc take them down to the Bottle depot in Frank. Brent sets up a box every month for people to support a good cause this month it is the health foundation, which raises money to buy all the things the Alberta Government does not for our hospital.

Good cause, gets rid of your unwanted recyclables and keep in mind sooner or later every one of us will use the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Actually, as far as I understand the box is there all the time, and the bottle depot donates the money every month, all to good local causes. It's a great way to donate locally, and save yourself a little time in the bargain. So, I guess what I am saying is....if you can, throw those bottles in the box every month. It's a great and relatively painless way to support all the great groups in our community!!!!

Crowsnest Pass Home said...


Thanks I was trying to say that, you did a better job than I did.Yes every month there is an opportunity to support a good cause.

Thanks again

Anonymous said...

And a big "THANK YOU" to Brent for doing this. He deserves a "pat on the back" big time.