Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Politics resume, do not forget June 30

The emergency is over we fared well for the most part. Some common comments I heard during the flood: Our staff was under manned, thank goodness Pincher Creek send a dozen people down here Thursday night. The communications between the municipal staff and the Fire/Rescue departments at times was very lacking. When the glory gets dished out lets make sure the credit goes to the people on the front lines at 5am in the morning and still there 14 hours later.
I am sure mistakes were made, just as there is every time one of these emergencies takes place, that debate will go on for a while. But for the most part a lot of people worked hard long hours and we did far better than most community's in Southern Alberta.

Reminder: Sunday is June 30 the dateline for taxes (July 1 the office is closed) you will not get any sympathy if you go in July 2 and try to pay them what you will get is an extra 20% tacked on to your bill. For the average home owner in the Pass that could be around $400.

Note: Keep in mind one very important number $4325



Anonymous said...

You forgot there was also a lot less volunteers from the Fire Departments for this emergency. Keep in mind that a lot of them do work at the mines. For the majority of this flood Fording River and Coal Mountain were shut down. Plus Greenhills sent their employees from the Pass home. So yes they would have been available.

Anonymous said...

Though not affecting property damage on 19th in Blairmore and Drum Creek damage etc., is the CPR not liable for the damage and ensuing losses on Main St. and NW due to overland flooding? It seems to me that this particular flooding occurred due to a structure built on private property, pinching a rivercourse.

I am responsible for any damages occurred by my neighbour that is a result of any structure built on my property.

The CPR was not there to remove logs as they piled up. After many years of experience, by the CPR, I am sure that they also knew their bridge was a MAJOR pinch point.

Just a thought...