Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Should we be on the 2014 list?

$46,000 question, excellent letter to the editor in this week's Pass Promoter the writer provides the following address

Can you find the template for our new logo?

My attention was also drawn to the Macleans article "99 stupid things the government did with your money"
check it out at  please read #34.


Anonymous said...

I think we would probably qualify for at least 5 of the 99 spots for 2013. Of course that could increase, the year is not over yet.....and the election is still a couple of months away. Heaven help us.

Anonymous said...

I think we can top the Ontario town by a long shot. Who can forget a small community official logo unveiling with wine and cheese BY INVITATION ONLY?

Anonymous said...


99 stupid things the government did with your money: Part II

34 The Town of Innisfil, Ont., spent four years and $42,000 on outside consultants to design a new logo, even though a local graphic designer offered them a logo she designed for free.

We can do better than Innisfil. How about:

1. Council approved yet another TASK FORCE.

2. Council approved $50,000 refund to a hotel consultant – or $50,000 for a hotel franchise registration application fee for a non-existent hotel developer – whichever way they spin this.

3. Hotel project is moving ahead again - this time without a hotel developer.

4. According to Edmonton PR and crisis communications consultant: Council has a broad based community support for the $50,000 payment, there is just a bit of an misunderstanding about the perceived wasteful spending - people simply don't understand the finer points of doing business.

5. Council will be making more exciting and significant announcements over the next two and a half months.

6. Council will participate in a large grassroots effort sometime in the third week of October, all citizens welcome to partake.

Anonymous said...

For 2014 looks like we have spot 34-39 filled up. I bet you if the "Sinister 7" try really hard we could promote our community even more in this national publication.

Anonymous said...

How about council cancels TITV and takes over Rumrunners days and rents buses thinking that the draw for Rumrunners day was not TITV but the parade. The buses sit empty all day. They also spent more money for this non event for policing and peace officers.
How about council decides to spend 200,000 on new entrance signs for the community. This does not include the cost for rebranding(42,000) or signs(20,000) attached to some posts that will likely blow away after the first good wind and that only those with exceptional vision can read. Very few people like the new brand and would have preferred the Mountain Freedom at no cost.
How about council hires a gopher hunter.
How about council hires a PR firm to try and convince the people of what a great job they are doing. Shockingly the people are still not pleased.

Anonymous said...

Why would a council need a crisis communications consultant?

Anonymous said...


To solve their current situation?

Anonymous said...

How about a resolution for no more 'wine and cheese' unless it is paid for by the outside entities that, in reality, should be entertaining us.