Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mayor's Interview with the Calgary CBC, Eye Opener show

The following link is to a radio interview done by the Calgary Eye opener August 16 with our Mayor Bruce Decoux..

The only things I would disagree with are timing, he talks about four years to the mine operating that is certainly not consistent with any where else in Alberta the regulatory process is lengthy. This week the press release from Elan mining stated the regulatory process in Alberta takes about seven years.

The employment numbers the Mayor states that for every job at the mine there will be seven jobs else where in the community. That would mean in the Elk Valley, where Teck employees roughly 3000 people there should be 21,000 other jobs in the community?

Let's not forget that both these proposed mines are located in the MD of Ranchlands. So even if they move forward we will see the benefits of jobs, new people moving to the community and spending their pay cheques here. What we will not see for a considerable amount of time (if ever) is the tax revenues from these two proposed operations.

Irregardless still very good news for the Crowsnest Pass.

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Anonymous said...

Promise us ten more coal mines it won't make up for the stupidly of the $50,000 deal with Mr Vachon