Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Who’s in charge?

I hate to use somebody else’s tag line, the great guest contributor to the Pass Herald S.C Rutigan writes articles under that tag I hope he/she does not mind me stealing it for one week but it’s very relevant to something that happened in the Municipal Office over the last few days.
On Monday afternoon there suddenly appears on the Municipal web site under the employment section a new listing for a Human Resources Administrator, not a mention of this position was made at any council meeting recently or back in the spring during the budget process. Maybe it was all decided In Camera? Even if it was, there should have been a motion in the books supporting the position.
Hopefully somebody would bring it up at one of the meeting yesterday, nothing during the G+P meeting, then last night at the council meeting Councilor Gallant asked the CAO if it was true that we were looking for a Human Resources Administrator he said “yes”. Then councilor Gallant asked if the position was on their Organizational chart to which he replied “No”, then he asked how and why the decision was made to hire for this position. The CAO replied that in light of an on going review that both administration and CUPE felt it was necessary to fill this position, and there were funds available within the budget to pay for it.
Now this raises a number of concerns, council’s must fully understand that administration should be running the day-to-day operations of the municipality, that council cannot be micro managing.
Council goes through a budget process where manpower increases are brought forth by administration and exactly how they are going to be paid for. Council agrees or not, then its administrations job to go out and fill the approved positions.
Right out of left field we have a Human Resources Administrator (Permanent part time) obviously council was not informed unless Councilor Gallant was left out of the information loop similar to Councilor Saje was months prior regarding the issue of Clay Cup being terminated by Medican.
Some will argue that there is money in the budget, let administration proceed and that would be all right if you were filling an operational position at the lower end of the pay scale for the next three months.
Your not this is a “Permanent part time” position this position will go on beyond the end of the year, is anybody fooled by the terminology of part time. The pretense that this position will be part time is being used as the wedge to get this position in the door. Look at the qualifications they are looking for on this position does anybody believe that a highly experienced professional is going to take on this position for “20” hours a week? I do not think so.
Come budget time the need for this bureaucratic position (just like any other) is going to be strongly justified by administration. This is going to be another $100,000 a year job that will be funded by either increasing revenue’s, or taking money from another area in the budget. Somebody made the comment to me a while back that we have more administrators than public works operators. This might be a slight exaggeration, if we keep going at this pace by the end of the next council’s term we may have more administrators than CUPE members.

The morale of this story? It’s very obvious to me now, “Who’s In Charge”         

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Anonymous said...

"Now this raises a number of concerns, council’s must fully understand that administration should be running the day-to-day operations of the municipality, that council cannot be micro managing."

Bruce Decoux stated that he read the Cuff Report(it's main focus dealt with exactly the above issue) and was going to follow it's recommendations.

He is also welcoming the upcoming Farmer Report as being "useful".

Bruce has quite the growing library on his bookshelf. He either doesn't understand what he reads or he is so arrogant...

Anonymous said...

It seems the only studies that are relevant to Mr. Decoux are those that he has commissioned himself. All others carry no weight or are considered a hindrance to his visions.

Anonymous said...

Our administration is becoming so top heavy for a small community that, at this pace, we will qualify to hold Administrative Olympics similar to Winter Games.

The person in charge of grants will administer the games because these games will not cost a dime, because all the funding will come from “other” grants.

Canmore can have their Nordic Center and Calgary their Luge Track; Crowsnest Pass will officially host Uphill Bureaucratic Race to the Bottom.

Anonymous said...

"there were funds available within the budget to pay for it."

Four months ago they cut the $100,000 contribution to the Seniors Lodge fund. Very tight budget, we were told.

Recently we learn that enforcement fines are $200,000 less than budgeted for.

They have budgeted only $219,000 wages and benefits for fire and emergency.

But somehow they can squeeze $250,000 from the budgeted MSI funds to partly pay for the demolition, and still there are funds available for this new position.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the meeting
was another sh** show,
I am so glad
I didn't go.

Anonymous said...

We are willing victems. The people who are supposed to be the watchdogs are no where to be seen or heard, while we are being sold down the river by this misfit mayor and council, I won't even mention administration as they do what they are told as they pochet their big paychecks, none of them will be here when the ship sinks. They'll be back home laughing at us fools for giving them all our money, and letting an egomaniac bankrupt this community, Oh he won't be here either when the ship of fools sinks, he'll be one of the first to abandon ship for Arizona, I believe.

Anonymous said...

Its not bad enough that the ship is sinking. The Captain and his first mates don't even know.
Oct 21 can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Council does not know that we are hiring another administrator? WOW only in the Crowsnest Pass

Anonymous said...

Councillor Gallant

Attended the Economic Development for Elected Officials Course

Anonymous said...

Now we will only have one newspaper lets hope the Herald keeps the pressure on these clowns that Joni has maintained over the last two years.