Monday, August 12, 2013

Coal mining coming back to the Pass?

Well not really in the Crowsnest Pass, at least until we annex the area, but never the less good news.

Altitude Resources inks exploration and option agreement with Elan Coal

Second company sets its sights on Crowsnest Pass coal

Notice where the spokesman from the company states it takes seven years to work through the regulatory process.


Anonymous said...

Well looks like we will by annexing two thirds of Ranchlands. Hell lets grab her all.

Anonymous said...

Elan has been working that area for quite some time now. Let's see how our Himself Worship will try to put himself into this deal. The initial announcement from the Municipality regarding Riversdale Resources had the "fingerprints" of the Edmonton PR consultant all over the page. What the poor fellow said: "a cluster of announcements?" We can expect another cluster of announcements in the next little while as well, the election is coming.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for, err.. clarifying the issue Dean. You are right. It is tough to follow. Council has created a mess and admitted that even they can't follow along.

It seems that Saje received sound advice from Clay Cup and chose to throw it out. (That municipalities do "not typically put in the funding to secure a hotel franchise". He noted according to "Mr. Carlson these funds are put up by the developer".

Gallant, the self professed businessman, also dismissed the same advice giving as his reason that "they did nothing" and, for some reason, they no longer continued with the project. So Clay cup was not to be held "in very high regard".

It really sounds as if a successful developer, with a track record. 'bailed' due to dealings with Medican and our council, finding them to be "amateurish".(Makes sense to me.)

Gallant and council used Clay Cups's foot dragging as an excuse as to why their dream slowed down. In reality Medican was scrambling for months to find a replacement. In desperation Medican finds a 'Wanna-be' that is so inexperienced that he puts up his own $50K and doesn't even perform any due diligence to discover that Sparwood has also applied.

Then Medican pulls the plug. (Someone should tell Brian that we are now poorly positioned by retaining the Vachon Group, that was hired by a company that also didn't perform.)

So Council bails Vachon out as Council has a pretty picture of a guaranteed Best Western.

Mr. Vachon should have been hung out to dry and to learn from his mistakes. He still holds rights for the next two years. Let him sweat. The next developer will find this issue easy to deal with... only if a Best Western is the centerpiece of their plans.

This all should have been left up to the next council, to decide on a new developer; with that developer's choice of hotel developers.

Anonymous said...

Bruce was on the radio this morning talking about more announcements to come. I am sure he will take credit for this one. The question is will the others be silly enough to believe him?

Anonymous said...

Good news for us not so good for Bruce and mini-Bruce only 10 weeks left.

I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

10 weeks with more announcements to come. It can only remind me of sitting through the end of really bad movie and having to pee.

Anonymous said...

We should all hold our breath in anticipations. A number of announcements is coming our way very soon. Many good things will happen in the Crowsnest Pass over the next four years. The only thing is, we must re-elect the present council in order for this to happen.

That $50,000 refunded to the hotel consultant is only an initial down payment taxpayers have made on all the wonderful things which are coming.

What is $50,000 here, or $50,000 there, taxpayers can fund all kinds of waste. When push comes to shove, one can cut funding for senior housing reserves or raid land reserves, if there is anything left there.

If the cup is all empty, one can always get a consultant to argue our taxes are really too low and can be raised. Didn’t one of our councillors argue that our franchise fees were too low and had to be raised? Can anyone remember which councillor said this?

If the money from the franchise fees is put into the general revenue then it is a TAX, no matter how you try to dress it.

It costs more to live in the Crowsnest Pass today than before this council was elected, and they can’t blame this increase on inflation alone.

They have squandered money on consultants and Public Relations - instead of fixing potholes or putting money into senior housing. The voters have every right to be upset.

Chloe said...

Please tell me why the CNP thinks a reputable developer would put up $13 million dollars to build an 80 room hotel complete with pool, dining room etc. with 60% occupancy any given day of the year. Besides the gorgeous scenery, what is offered to tourists? The museum, mine tour, hiking, skiing? Do you have a variety of restaurants, cultural activities, shopping? Time to cut your losses, send Group Vachon and the current Mayor and council packing. Aren't you finally weary of the ego driven agenda and lies?

Anonymous said...

Developers NEVER use their own money. It is up to a reputable Council to decide if the merits of a proposal are realistic and act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Re, 'Clarifying the franchise fee'

Nice repost. Something is wrong with the hyperlink...again. Comments are getting through to the server. Don't know here. ???

Anonymous said...

"Crowsnest Pass Mayor Bruce Decoux had not yet heard about Altitude’s plans ..."

How dare Altitude have plans in MD Ranchland without first making obeisance to Himself's Worship.

Anonymous said...

Chloe always pretends to know whats going on. But, she is in Ontario. Nothing from out there could relate to us.