Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Council Meeting of June 7, 2011

Council Meeting of June 7, 2011

Mayor Decoux prior to the meeting commencing said some kind words about former Mayor Irwin’s years of service to the municipality and requested everybody present to take a moments silence.

Public Hearing: None

Agenda: Mayor Decoux added Emergent Land Issue in Camera. He also changed Item #5 under Bylaws to come after delegations. He deleted the following items correspondence #2 letter from Hon. Luke Ouellette regarding Federal Gas Tax Fund. He also deleted under other business, Drum Creek Flooding, Draft Budget Policy, and Municipal Office. He added Gifts for members of the task force under other business. Motion to accept the Agenda as amended was passed unanimously

Adoption of previous minutes:

1. Minutes of the Council Meeting of May 17, 2011, with minor corrections. Motion to accept was passed unanimously
2. Minutes of the Special Council Meeting of May 11, 2011, with minor corrections. Motion to accept was passed unanimously


1. Mark Murphy Emergency Management Field Officer for Southern Alberta reviewed the Emergency Management planning process with council and administration.

2. Larry Simpson, Director Strategic Philanthropy and Conservation for the Nature Conservancy gave an over view of what they do and stated that they own 1600 acres in the Pass and have conservation easements on 400 more acres.

Bylaws: 826 Land Use Bylaw third reading (Green Mountain Company in West Coleman)
Mayor Decoux gave the public the option to present anything new on this issue, no response either for or against.
Comments from council: Councilor Saindon needs to be convinced that the developer will address the public’s concerns.
Councilor Gallant felt that those issues would be covered off in the development agreement.
Councilor Gail had concerns about old mines workings, underground creeks, and the highway and really could not see this area being used for development. Motion for third reading passed 5-2 (Saindon/Saje opposed)

Administrative and Agency Reports: None

Business arising from the Minutes: None

1. Municipality of Crowsnest Pass Library Board-Pat Korble-Closure of the Bellevue Library. Mayor Decoux asked for comments or questions none provided.

Committee Reports:
1. Minutes of May 24, 2011 G+P committee meeting, no discussion. Motion to accept passed unanimously.
2. Minutes of May 10, 2011 G+P committee meeting, no discussion. Motion to accept passed unanimously

1. Bylaw 805,2011- Road Closure Frank Industrial Park (2nd & 3rd reading) No discussion. Motion passed 2nd reading 6-1 (Saje) 3rd reading passed 6-1 (Saje)
2. Bylaw 816, 2011 – Walking Trail Bylaw given (2nd & 3rd Reading). No discussion 2nd reading passed Unanimously, 3rd reading passed unanimously
3. Bylaw 821, 2011 – Property Tax Penalties Bylaw given (1st Reading) No discussion 1st reading passed unanimously
4. Bylaw 825, 2011 – Agricultural Services Board Bylaw given (2nd & 3rd Reading). No discussion 2nd reading passed unanimously 3rd reading passed unanimously.
5. Bylaw 826, 2011 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment given (3rd Reading) - (Green Mtn. Company) Dealt with previously after delegations.
6. Bylaw 828, 2011 – Traffic Bylaw Amendment given (1st Reading) No discussion passed 1st reading unanimously.
7. Bylaw 829, 1011 – Noise Bylaw Amendment given (1st Reading) No discussion passed 1st reading unanimously.
8. Bylaw 830, 2011 – Long Grass Bylaw Amendment given (1st Reading) No discussion passed 1st reading unanimously.
9. Bylaw 831, 2011 – Community Standards Bylaw Amendment given (1st Reading) No discussion passed 1st reading unanimously.
10. Bylaw 832, 2011 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment – Sign Standards given (1st Reading) – now has a Public Hearing No discussion passed 1st reading unanimously.
11. Bylaw 833, 2011 – Land Use Bylaw Amendment - Rezoning - given (1st Reading Tartal in Frank) – now has a Public Hearing No discussion passed 1st reading unanimously.

Notices of Motion: None

Other Business:
1. Rescind Endorsement Policy: Councilor Mitchell as been opposed to this policy from its concept, the intent of the policy was to have any council member inform council and seek its approval before appearing in any promotional material for business, developers etc. Motion to rescind passed 5-2 (Saindon/Gallant opposed)

2. Code of conduct for Council and Council committees: Motion to send this to the Policy committee passed 6-1 (Saindon opposed)

3. Council summer schedule: Motion to cancel July 26 G+P, August 2 Council and August 9 G+P, with an additional council to be added August 30. Motion passed 6-1 (Gallant opposed)

4. Draft reserve policy: Motion to accept passed unanimously.

5. Purchase gifts for task force: Mayor Decoux explained that the task force gave their time for free for five meeting since February, felt it reasonable to present the committee members with gifts up to a value of $2250. Motion passed unanimously

6. Draft Budget Policy: Motion to defer to the June 21st meeting passed unanimously.

7. Request for enhanced policing for Rum Runner Days: The municipality to pay $10,000 for 178 of policing, question of administration is this sufficient CAO stated that the RCMP felt not. Councilor Saje felt that moving forward this whole weekend needs to be dealt with more as a business plan, to get away from the huge costs the municipality incurs. Councilor Gail asked if administration had received a revenue report from the fire department yet for the weekend, administration stated they were still working on this. Motion to incur the $10,000 cost passed unanimously.

8. Independent Trucking Enterprise Parking Request: Request to park the coal haul trucks at the old Crowsnest Centre parking lot. Numerous concerns raised by council motion to defer to the next meeting passed 6-1 (Saindon opposed)

9. Municipal Auction Fund Disbursement: Administration recommended that the proceeds from the auction held on the weekend ($2700 approximately) be donated to the Town of Slave Lake. Councilor Mitchell strongly disagreed felt the money should be placed into reserves. Motion passed 5-2 (Saindon/Mitchell opposed)

10. Notice of Motion Transportation: Motion to have a needs assessment conducted and bring back to council on September 6th passed unanimously.

Council Member reports: Comments about various groups sending condolences regarding former Mayor Irwin.

Public Input: None

Motion to go In Camera: Passed Unanimously

****Additional information from last nights meeting****

The package from last nights meeting was just posted on the municipal web site. As noted previously Mayor Decoux deleted several issues from the agenda one of which was the Municipal Office.
Now reading the package I was expecting administration to come back with a reconfiguration as directed by Council a number of weeks ago.
Instead it again raises the issue of moving to the MDM which I have expressed my opinion on previouly. One of my concerns was the cost, especially when council has made it clear that they will improve inefficiencies by reducing the number of staff over time which would make the space issue in the office a non issue.
In the package it shows that $15,000 will be used to facilitate that move, with that money to come from savings by the delayed hiring of staff. 
That raises a number of concerns with me first of all how necessary were those positions here we are almost half way through the year and they are still not filled.
Second of all its an old fiscal management trick to make one look good down the road by building additional costs in the budget and then showing savings at the end of the year.
Third it becomes a slush fund for ideas like these that should have been dealt with in the budget process and given a yes or no at that time, or did we not know that the proposed positions would require a place to be?
Fourth does this mean that administration does not believe Councils position that the work force will be reduced in time by the means that council has previously discussed.
Fifth these delays in hiring should provide the opportunity to save a few dollars that could be used to lessen the burden on the taxpayer next year.


Anonymous said...

Councillor Mitchell was so concerned about reserves that he could not put one penny in there during the budget process.
But now he is going to take a lousy couple of thousand dollars for reserves instead of helping out Slave Lake. Boy that will pay for about 4' of pavement.
I'm so mad I could almost spit.

Anonymous said...

Councillor Gail brought up the revenue for Rum runner weekend from the fire department its none of his dam business.

Anonymous said...

Check out John Prince's blog on this meeting. Some good observations on the overall picture of this council and the gang of four, and our community.

If only we would have put him in the mayor's chair some ten years ago, where would we be now? Not here still complaining I bet!

Anonymous said...

Typical Crowsnest Pass mentality we will not put real money into reserves. But by God bring forth an idea to send $2600 to a community thats been devastated by fire. Which my home (Hillcrest) was on the verge of 8 years ago.
Suddenly reserves are important.

Wake up and send the check.

Anonymous said...

Reading the information on the Office staff issue obviously council and admin are not on the same page. Who gets the final say?

Anonymous said...

Noticed that you mention no discussion on a lot of items. When there is discussion why don't you tell what it was? Why so much attention on what isn't said?

Anonymous said...

So the Blairmore Fire department still has not shown their books??? Where have I heard this story before!!

I heard the Mayor is saying that the CAO leaving is no big deal and he will be replaced within two days after he is gone.
Who is the new CAO?

Anonymous said...

All the donations for the Lost Creek
fire (more than 35000.00) were put into Municipal reserves. I wonder if the people that donated know that!!

Crowsnest Pass Home said...


I attempt to keep the best notes I can, when the meeting is going on.
Keep in mind no discussion is very easy to write, where if somebody is talking to an issue it can be hard to catch every word.
Sometimes I also don't write a lot because there is not a whole lot being said. Check out John Prince's take on the meeting or talk to somebody else that goes.

Personally I am of the opinion that there is so much discussion at "retreats" and "policy committee meetings" that there is nothing left to say by the time the issue gets to council.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

To 2:42 I would say technically that the budget is approved the dollars are available administration should be able to go ahead and do it.
Politically I think Council would have the final say, this is a bit of a hot potato because some people would see it as crossing the fine line and becoming micro management by council.
(Just my opinion)

To 10:59 I did not hear the Mayor say that the CAO could be replaced in two days.
To this point I have not heard if a CAO as been found.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Municipal Staff moving to the MDM. What is the motive behind administrations clear willingness to take Council on over this issue.
That is my struggle not so much the move but the challenge of Councils direction.


Anonymous said...

Reading your report on the meeting the other night. The MDM move will die a natural death shortly.
Smart move by Decoux drop it from this agenda to bring back later when the present CAO will be gone.
I am sure this will not be an issue with the new CAO.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope it does not take the same time to find a CAO that it does to do an advertising policy.

Anonymous said...

Really disappointed with the lack of discussion on the Bellevue Library.
The town can afford all those new positions but they were not able to keep our library open.

Very sad

Anonymous said...

When they hired more staff. Nobody said anything.
When they allowed a tax increase.
Nobody said anything.
When they got rid of the Spring Cleanup. Nobody said anything.
When they closed the Bellevue Library. Nobody said anything.

People sooner or later they will be getting rid of something important to you. Who will say anything?


Anonymous said...

and, when the CAO left like a bat out of hell,no one said anything.
When the Fire department declared their books none of our business,no one said anything.
I thought I voted for men, not puppets.

Anonymous said...

"Councilor Gail asked if administration had received a revenue report from the fire department yet for the weekend, administration stated they were still working on this. Motion to incur the $10,000 cost passed unanimously."

Wow! Passed Unanimously? Without seeing their books? So much for that big stand! Why is our council so afraid of the Blairmore Fire department?

Anonymous said...

That financial information is not of the council's or public's dam business. If you want to know what it brings in do it yourself.

One angry fireman.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I get why the council is scared of the angry firemen!!

Dean, do you know if Thunder in the Valley costs the tax payers or at least if it cost the tax payers when you were on council?
Is the fire department a private business or under the umbrella of the municipality? Are they not requesting additional municipal funds? Who’s insurance will be called upon if something goes wrong?
If they are a totally self-sufficient business/organisation, not costing the tax payers anything, then I agree it is none of any ones business.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jackie -

You are wrong. There was loads of debate on those issues. It was in the papers and on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon Jun 12, 04:32:00 PM
"Dean, do you know if Thunder in the Valley costs the tax payers or at least if it cost the tax payers when you were on council?"

Good question, but we should not need to be on council to know where our taxes are going. Any info available to Councillors or Administration should be available to the public (with some exceptions due to the Privacy Act).