Monday, June 27, 2011

When at first you do not succeed try again-Bellevue Library

I am sure by now everybody as heard that the Bellevue Library is closing July 1st.

Well not quite so fast, on June 7th at the G+P meeting there was correspondence from Pat Korble regarding closure of the Bellevue Library, council filed the letter as information. No huge concerns raised by anybody on council, in a matter of moments the issue is done with council moved on to the rest of the agenda. Advertisements notifying the public go in the paper end of the tale right.

To my surprise last Tuesday June 21st there is a delegation in front of council the CNP library board represented by Scott Howard is making a presentation to council. Apparently, the board had contacted the previous CAO who told them due to being an independent body that they had the authority to close the library. Up on further review of the boards bylaws by the board they determined this was not the case so they requested the opportunity to come in front of council. So Scott goes through his presentation, points out that they had a consultant review the libraries operations who recommended the closure of the library, he also stated that the board unanimously supported this position.

So began the debate did not expect much, given the opportunity just two weeks prior there was no issues raised. Suddenly out of nowhere comes concerns about the size of the Crowsnest Pass, how would people get to Blairmore that currently go to Bellevue, more time was required to look at this issue maybe it was being made in haste?. The issue of accessibility to the Blairmore Library for folks with disabilities concerns that could have all been raised on June 7th.

The Mayor called for a motion which Councilor Londsbury provided with his comments about this being a council that was elected to be more efficient, that the Crowsnest Pass can not justify two libraries. Fortunately or not (No nasty 4-3 vote to worry about) Councilor Saindon was not present. The vote was called by the chair with a result of 3-3 the motion was defeated, Mayor Decoux, Councilors Saje and Londsbury in favor, Councilors Gallant, Gail, and Mitchell opposed.

Subsequently  I was told that the next day three members of the Library board resigned. Today I notice there as been a special meeting of council called for June 28 at 6:30pm. One issue to reconsider the Library motion of last week, I’m curious to see the debate, will the issue of the size of the Pass and getting people to Blairmore be rectified. Will the accessibility issues of the Blairmore location be resolved, will the issues that made a councilor feel last week that this decision was being made in haste, have been dealt with to his satisfaction?

Amazing June 7th no issues, June 21st lots of issues and June 28th I suspect this motion will just sail through.


Anonymous said...

What are they going to do when they have to tackle a big issue.
Lets say the municipality taking over Thunder in the valley?

Tom said...

The municipality will never take over Thunder In The Valley. They don`t have the balls.

Anonymous said...

Very complex issue, I think the Blairmore Fire Dept owns the trademark for thunder in the valley and all the marketing income made from that.
I think council will steer well clear of this battle.

Anonymous said...

What a joke this place is! Nothing complex here! Just a bunch of cowards making excuses! Why has this gone on for so long and in so many groups here?

Tom said...

If there is nothing to hide then why not open up their books. Put all the talk about their bank account out in the open. Put this issue to bed for good.

Anonymous said...

Nobody wants to lose anything but the reality of the Crowsnest Pass is we have no money.
The municipality can have money its simple government always has two options. Raise taxes or assume debt, curious to see which path they use to achieve there lofty goals.

Anonymous said...

Some issues and concerns:

1. Blairmore library does have a whhel chair ramp but it is quite steep
2. ailes are too narrow for wheelchairs
3. Backdoor access has stairs only
4. two steps to navigate to access computer room
5. no elevator only stairs to reach the basement
6. council caving in to a board that threatens mass resignation if it doesn't get its way
7. present location in Bellevue has a cost of rent and telephone only. Is the cost for both so much that it warrants closure?