Friday, June 17, 2011

Update on donation to Slave Lake.

Despite some on Council not wishing to send the $2600 raised from the auction of Municipal Junk to Slave Lake.
Our neighbours at the Town of Pincher Creek followed up at their last council meeting by agreeing to send the same amount, to help those folks out. It was the right decision for the Pass to make, and it should have been unanimous, the money was raised by selling Junk that was no longer of any value to the community. No program had to lose funding, and no tax increase had to be put in place to show this small gesture of support for a community that suffered a lot.

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Anonymous said...

As a resident of Slave Lake I'd like to say Thank You for the donation. Every little bit will help in the coming three years which is an estimate of the time it will take before our town will resemble what it once was. Your generosity is truly touching!