Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Special Council meeting of June 28, 2011

The sole purpose of this meeting was to reconsider the Vote on Motion M#6123-11 which was to take all of the operations of the Crowsnest Library centralize them in Blairmore and close the Bellevue Library.

What was one to expect? The silence of June 7th when council was notified in writing by the board, barely a word was spoken. Alternatively, were we to see the numerous concerns raised on June 21st, followed up by some spirited debate?

I sat and listened to first the discussion over how a motion had to be made to reconsider the previous motion, which could only be made by one of the councilors that previously voted against it, Councilor Gail accommodated that process. Then a short debate took place Councilor Gallant raised the issue of accessibility for wheelchairs, Councilor Saindon stated the obvious (one ride down to the Library any observer could see) there is a ramp and it is presently used. Councilor Mitchell must have had his concern about the Pass being long and narrow and clients of the Bellevue Library being able to access Blairmore addressed in the last week.

Mayor Decoux called for a Motion which was made by Councilor Londsbury, with the uniform raising of seven hands the Bellevue Library days are done, in eight minutes from start to finish it was over.


Tom said...

This stinks of a secret meeting. Where is the press? Once again don`t bite the hand that feeds you. I wonder how the people of Bellevue feel now that one of their own did not stand up for them. Where are are the church going people now? Pretty quiet now. Come on councilor Gail stand up for us. Keep our library open.

Anonymous said...

well Tommie, this is the first time we have seen the full council stand up for one Crowsnest Pass instead of just one of the communities making up the Pass. Instead of continung to act almost like Quebec in Canada People need to damn well get over the idea that the parts are somehow greater/better than the whole!!

Anonymous said...

Tommie wait until you lose your Fire Dept! if previous council had left the center alone. A year from now you would have nothing in Bellevue!!