Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Crowsnest Pass Ratepayers Letter to the Editor

Here is the letter from this weeks letter to the editor also check out the ratepayers Facebook page for other information on the organization.

Other side of the story

The Ratepayers do not have access to the taxpayer funded municipal communications system. It becomes very expensive to advertise on radio, in the papers, mail inserts.

It leaves the ratepayers association seeking other alternatives to getting out our concerns, comments and questions.

In response to the Mayor’s latest newsletter. It is good to see that our restructured administrative staff is working well as a team with our staff.

Maybe the talk of morale at the municipality being at an all time low is not accurate.

The Mayor addresses the issue of differences of opinion in a healthy organization is he referring to Councillor Saje recent statements? Were those the only times that process was not followed? Is Councillor Saje the only one that has concerns?

The hotel development, the selling price of the property was $1.1 million.

The municipality actually only receives $300,000 in cash with $100,000 of that used to put in a playground at the site. The developer was given an allowance of $800,000 to remove the building by August 30. There was a request for proposals, last year were there bids for less than $800,000?

Medican is a company that has had serious financial problems, they are now
in the process of coming out of CCAA court protection.

More news in the Mayor’s newsletter at the open house with Riversdale Mining, there spokesman clearly stated that every thing going perfect the mine would be starting up in 2017, the Mayor now suspects the mine will be in place sooner than anticipated.

The Mayor is also excited about the branding project, that cost the taxpayers $47,000 don’t we all feel “naturally rewarded”. The Mayor’s task force report in May of 2011 clearly recommended the use of the “Mountain
Freedom” brand, that would have cost us nothing. That same report also stated a top priority would be the hiring of an Economic Development Officer
by Sept 2011, the job is finally now being advertised, will it be in place prior to the election?

Ranchlands is going to meet with our council, it would be great news for the taxpayers of the Crowsnest Pass to know when we will be reducing our high tax rates, franchise fees and other various charges with the additional income that Ranchlands will provide. The Mayor should provide us with examples of other municipalities where this process has taken place, we can only find examples where communities anticipating tremendous population growth were allowed to annex their neighbors.

Finally, the Mayor basks in the glory of the Emergency Services Open House, it was great that it brought back memories of a cardboard helmet from his early childhood. What about the memories of the individuals that put 20-40 years of there lives into those organizations.

This will be the first letter to the editor from the Ratepayers Association, we have many more issues to raise, we ask all residents to take the time to think about these prior to October 21. (This letter was written without the assistance of any Public Relations firm)


Anonymous said...

"Ranchlands is going to meet with our council"

I think that legally negotiations with outside parties should be conducted by administration according to resolutions passed by majority of Council.

Direct negotiations by Council could only work if Council was a Zombie horde with a hive mind.

Would this be an official "Council Meeting", open to
the public, minutes kept, conflicts declared? Or another non-MGA-compliant secret backroom meeting?

(I just finished emailing the Inspector about this, among other things, before I saw Dean's post.)

And, BTW, it's "Ranchland", nor "Ranchlands". I wonder how Broos will spell it in the invitation.

Anonymous said...

Well they told us at Council last night the meeting with Ranchlands went very well last Friday. I hear our tax bills will be late, they will be decreasing them due to the sizeable share of Linear Taxation Ranchlands is going to give us.

Anonymous said...

Calling the police on volunteers about the fireworks storage, asking for charges, calling the TV - very calculated method to try to discredit the Blairmore Firehall. These people gave a lot to the community, and this is not even about the Thunder in the Valley. This is not how anyone should treat volunteers anywhere. The Mayor is on record somewhere saying that Rum Runner weekend needs volunteers and public interest. They are planning to scale back municipal support due to lack of interest.
In his approach to the Lethbridge Exhibition Board - did he tell them that he would need several busloads of volunteers? Mr. Gallant and Mr. Seindon could have informed him of that need.