Friday, March 22, 2013

Teck Coal Mines facing environmental issues

Lots of reports coming from various  media outlets on the Selenium issue in the Elk River.

No new Elk Valley coal mines until selenium impact resolved, environment minister says

Teck commits $600 million over five years to address water-quality issues

Teck Coal facing serious water pollution in Elk Valley

The following is available on Teck's web site, talking about there plans to deal with issue.

I do not think anybody would argue that a company has the right to destroy the environment that it operates in. I believe that without the coal mines this corner of Alberta and BC would be ghost towns. I also believe that this problem will be dealt with, maybe not as fast as some people would like it to be. Let's also not lose sight of the fact that some groups would like nothing more than to see all development of our resources stopped.
I remember back to the early 80's when the Line Creek and Greenhills mine were being proposed some groups gave us the impression that the Elk Valley, and it's wildlife would face a bitter demise. Here we are thirty years later.


Anonymous said...

I was reading the comments on one of those articles. One guy was bragging about how he "walked" to most of the places he needed to go. Well, I guess he doesn't think about how his groceries get to the places he goes. Does he really think they just float harmlessly through the sky to his corner grocery store? Really.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the selenium levels that are a concern it's the nitrate levels too from ammonium nitrate used from blasting at the mines! Some of the smaller creeks are just riddled with algea from this stuff! I've fished these rivers and creeks my whole life and it's getting out of control! The last 2yrs I have been catching fish with missing gill plates and other deformities caused from the mining activities! Teck is not a very enviromentally concious company!! If u do a little research on them u will find lots of lawsuits against the company from there other operations.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:16

That is disturbing, I should maybe pull my head a little bit out of the sand. Sometimes it's hard tho with all life throws at you. I used to believe that was the kind of thing our "leaders" were keeping track of. Not anymore tho. Money talks.

jeff said...

Not just the selenium. U know how much oil and fuel spills into ground and water. Being an x servicemen for coal mountain I know what has present and pass how much has Ben dumped on or into many water sources. .