Friday, March 15, 2013

Mayor's Task Force on the Economy of the Crowsnest Pass

Going back to the Mayor's Task Force on the Economy released on May 24,2011.

I find it very curious that on Page 3 of the report it states the following: "Of the 29 actions presented in the action plan, the task force believes the three most important actions are"

1. One unified community pulling together in mind and spirit to attract new economic opportunities.

2. Hiring an Economic Development Officer to lead the implementation of the Plan.

3. Gaining clarity regarding the timing and route for the Highway 3 realignment.

How do you think they are doing on those three priorities so far?

1. What kind of job have they done unifying the community?

2. How many months does anybody think the EDO will have to implement this plan prior to the election.

Out of the blue there is an EDO job posted on the Municipal site just six months prior to the election and Council requests a supper date with Community Futures to discuss the local economy.

3. Are we all clear on the timing and route of the Highway 3 realignment?


Anonymous said...

Contrary to some claims bandied about, there is no more clarity about timelines concerning the highway than three years ago. If someone wants to take credit in this area, they need a bigger shavel.

Anonymous said...

What they certainly unified the community

Anonymous said...

Hey 3 will go where it has always been proposed. The unknown is when AB Transportation will have the money and the will to construct the bypass where it should go. People would provide a whole lot of benefit by lobbying to move up the build date rather than lobbying to have it go through town.

Anonymous said...

For a government that has slept on 4 laning the H/W to Fort Mac ( actaually squandered the Heritage Fund to the benefit of friends), don't expect any action on H/W 3 through the Pass.
This from a PCer, although I'm not sure why, except what is the alternative. ALL levels of politicians are taking on the same attitudes, Crowsnest no exception. They think that the money they collect, spend or surcharge in order to feed the beast of their creation is theirs squander.