Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Brands and entry signs. The Mayor's Task Force

Remember when we had everybody so excited about the Economic Task Force and all it's recommendations that were going to bring the Crowsnest Pass into the 21st century. Well now maybe it's time to focus on that document that was sold has a road map for the future of our great community. Over the next few months we are going to review this document and determine how successful or not council has been  at achieving those lofty goals and how the public feels about it.
I was going to review the document in the order it's laid out, but I think the more sensible approach would be focusing on area's that have been the centre of much discussion amongst the public. So first of let's take a look at what the report had to say about "Brands, Entry signs and related issues" please compare what has happened to what we were told would happen.

4. Implement the endorsed “Crowsnest: Mountain Freedom” logo as the official logo for the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass and begin using it on all materials:
 Order new gateway signs for the east and west entrances to the community combining the new “Crowsnest: Mountain Freedom” logo and “Crowsnest Pass” on these signs.
 Develop a communication plan to support the launch of the logo.
 Seek partners to share the cost of new signs at the east and west gateways.

A strong brand with consistent messaging is essential to economic development. The Task Force believes that the” Crowsnest: Mountain Freedom” brand is consistent with the vision for economic development and should be implemented and used on all Municipal printed materials as reorders are made and immediately on electronic media such as emails and websites. Other organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and tourism operators in the Municipality should also be encouraged to integrate it in their communications.

Council, Director of Operations
Sept 2011 and ongoing
$60,000 for gateway signs
Full transition within 1 year


Anonymous said...

This point is enough to show the total disregard for following the Plan, and His Worship trying to develop HIS own brand. The $47,000 for the new logo and $200,000 for the new entry signs shows an out of control Administration. This trend has permeated the ENTIRE dealings of this regime.

John Prince said...

'Mountain Freedom' brand is consistent with the vision for economic development... And the 'spirit' of the people who live here, I may add. This should have been a slam dunk deal for council, but NO! I guess it was just too simple for these people who apparently need 'consultants' to feed them their 'bright ideas' for a price on what anyone with a bit of common sense could have told them we had already... in 'Mountain Freedom'.

'Mountain Freedom' will come back, if I have a say in the matter after October. So this council better not spend too much more money on a new brand no one understands unless it is explained to them, otherwise there will be even more taxpayer money down the drain.


p.s. Check out our local Chamber of Commerce website that incorporates this 'Mountain Freedom' theme within their banner at the top. What's wrong with that, I ask?

CNP Chamber of Commerce

Anonymous said...

So it started out with Mountain Freedom, entry signs and a bill of $60,000. It ends with "naturally rewarding, triangles, entry signs and a bill of $247,000.
The magnificent seven save the day, I guess I should say now six.

Anonymous said...

So they get a big giant "f" on this one.They also will continue to get "F"s on task force recomendations.
I just do not get it. Council stood up and told us at a meeting what a great thing these task force recomendations were.And then for some reason they decided to shelf the whole thing and in many cases do just the opposite of what was recomended.I wonder if any member of council could explain to us "what happened".