Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Blunder in the Valley 2012

Hate to steal somebody else's post title but this one is so fitting.
Check it out for yourselves my fellow blogger laid it out very well.
When I read some of the comments from our local politicians I think of the Roman Emperor Nero who fiddled while Rome burned.


For the guy that called me this morning and said that I was full of s**t for saying that the Rum Runner Committee promoted that there would be 20,000 + at Rum Runner Days. Check the above out, click on the picture to enlarge and read under the vendor information. I will be very surprised if none of the vendors demand their money back after being given that information.


John Prince said...

Dean, great title isn't it? But I can't take credit for it. It was the heading for Debby Greenwood's letter to the editor in this week's Pass Herald.

The Nero analogy is pretty fitting. I mean, if they can't handle a 'no brainer' as what TITV is, then what hope do we have with this gang of 'suits'?

It looks like their legacy is going to be in part that they crashed the party, got it shut down, but not before spending 'our money' like a bunch of foolish drunken sailors. Sad!


Anonymous said...

Remember the "task force report" and all that it said.They recommended expanding the RR weekend.Also, I can not think of anything in that report that has actually happened.What is wrong with these 7 men.How are they all so easily influenced?

Anonymous said...

It is Insane to predict 20,000 would come for Rum Runner Days?
So what are they expecting for Doors Open? 10-15,000?

Not me I'm on my way to Castlegar for the Borscht Days Festival.
They are expecting some where between 80-90,000.
Hate to make fun of this stuff but it seems like nobody else is getting serious in the Pass.


Anonymous said...

On the bright side only 444 days to the next election!