Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Opportunity to voice your opinion on Rum Runner Days

For those that wish to voice your opinion about the Rum Runner Weekend here is your chance the Promoter as a poll available at the following address.


Anonymous said...

Can somebody help me out? I couldn't make the Rum Runner Days weekend. But I will be coming in for the Doors Open Weekend. Who do I have to contact to get one of those parking permits for Blairmore. Also will they be running the shuttle bus that weekend. Does the municipality have camper parking close to where the buses pick up?
I would appreciate somebody letting me know and please provide a contact number where I can book my camping site.

Much appreciated

Matt said...

Sally, Please come early if you want a good parking and camping space. I hear council is expecting 20 or 30 people.

Anonymous said...

Dean the food festival were children allowed into that event? I understand and appreciate and support that the rum runners weekend was geared towards being a "family" event.
It would certainly be a surprise and disappointment to me if children were not allowed, into what from I have been told was the most successful event of the weekend.
Please do not take this as an attack against the Food Festival I am just saying if children were not allowed in. Then it needs to be done at another time. Not during our "family orientated weekend"


Janet said...

Matt you always trying to stir the pot. There is nothing wrong with the adults having something for themselves.

Matt said...

Dean how do I find out how many people were incarcerated over this family weekend. I would assume none as it was geared to the families. We only ever got the drunks and problem people with TITV.

Anonymous said...

On the news it said there were as many arrests as any other time. Lots of tickets also. No difference.
And yes, I agree it does not hurt to have one function for adults.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Matt do the wine and cheese deal in conjunction with the Doors Open weekend. Keep Rum Runners for families, activities that the entire family can participate in.


Jim said...

To Annon: 2:15

What news did you hear that on?

If that is true then how can council say that TITV weekend is full of people who want to party. I for one has come to the CNP for the last 10 years with my family of 4 and has never once been afraid of anything happening. The last 8 years I have been on the field with my young family and must say we really enjoyed being there. This year we went to Lethbridge and spent my $800.00.

Anonymous said...

It is just really common sense on a few issues regarding the whole Rum Runner Days. At least this council tried to do something. I think the whole concept is good, but it needs to be moved away from town. It needs to have a big area where all the venues can be accessed at once. Meaning rides, concessions, music and entertainment, and fireworks and camping all together. I think that would solve all the problems people are worried about. Sometimes people down here cannot see the forest for the trees or however that goes. Instead of moaning and groaning and going on and on, we should perhaps be thinking about next year and come up with ideas as I have. This year IS history. Just saying to bring back TITV is not sufficient because the set up was all wrong and everyone knows it. It all boils down to people not wanting campers in their own back yard and I cannot blame them. And if it has never affected you then you don't know about it.

John Prince said...

Anon @4:17
Fair comment for which I mostly agree. I also agree that council made some really good improvements that were definitely <not needed in some cases for this year's Rum Runner Days but will be for next year's TITV. Got no problem with moving things around as you suggest but the cancelling of this year's TITV was a HUGE mistake, and totally not necessary if it had been handled properly with more forethought and less ignorance and arrogance.

Hopefully council learns from their mistakes, implements some of the good ideas they had this year and works out the logistics and planning for next year to ensure that we are both able to have it again, and with as great success, if not better, than what we have had in previous years.


simpleraven said...

Interesting comments. It looks as if the citizens of this municipality are in "self defense" mode fearing what their elected government will do to them next. Must add, the most bureaucratic government they have ever seen.
Two years spent on politics, mistakes, studies and not one step towards recovery or building is a huge set back for a sinking ship. Does anyone have a proposal for a solution?