Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Don't blame the volunteers Cherish them.

Over the last few years we have all read numerous articles or heard comments about the decline in the number of people willing to step forward and volunteer their time for community events and organizations.
The reasons why are numerous and could be debated all day long.
One thing I don't like is some of the comments made about volunteers with the Rum Runner Days weekend event coming up.
Which ever side of the debate you sit on regarding the cancellation of the Thunder in the Valley don't blame the volunteers, blame the politicians, blame the administrators. Those are all people that stand for office and know that pissing people off comes with the territory, the administrators get paid big dollars to handle the crap that comes with their job.
But volunteers they don't get to make the decisions, they don't get paid to handle the crap. Maybe if we all cherished our volunteers a little more we would have more people willing to help this community.

So save your anger, your displeasure for the decision makers not the volunteers.


Anonymous said...

Who is blaming the volunteers.This use to be and still would have been the biggest volunteer weekend had they not cancelled the show. Who would really be interested in turning people away at a Blairmore turnoff because they did not have a pass.
It is the same with economic development commitee. You can APPLY for the position .Its not a job.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, New subject. I think it has been about 1 month since the negotiations began for a new hotel on the CLC site. Is this a normal timframe? Are they close to an agreement or is the whole thing dead in the water? Whats the rumour out there.

Anonymous said...

I also have been hearing lots of people slamming the Rum Runner Days volunteers.
Dean I agree with you the only thing we should be saying to these volunteers is THANK YOU


Matt said...

Dean this is a little off topic but my Family and I are coming from Edmonton for Rum Runners and were wondering if there will be room to park my 5th wheel. This is our first time there.Who do we contact????

John Prince said...

It wasn't the volunteers who made the stupid decision to pick a fight with the BFD without a backup plan, resulting in the cancellation of TITV. It was council that did that.

Volunteers came forward and soldiered on, and for that they deserve our sincerest appreciation. Kudos to them all!


Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Matt you can contact the municipality at 403 562 8833 or you can go on the Rum Runners site.

I believe there are still a few sites available.

Anonymous said...

We have a lot of great volunteers in the Crowsnest Pass. Kudos to all of them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything that the volunteers have done for us. Not just this weekend but every day of the year.


Sasha JaegerBaird said...

Volunteers are the backbone of this community!! Thank you to each and every one!!

Aggie Mitchell, you are an inspiration to all of us!!