Friday, July 20, 2012

Taxpayers dollars at work ($70,000)

Here is our chance to see what $70,000 of our tax payers dollars gets us.
Just arrived today the first of the Municipality's money makers.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the money should start rolling in now, and with each ticket generated I guarantee you one less household of votes for this mayor and council come next election.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much used Peace Officer trucks go for after the next election

Anonymous said...

I did not vote for many of the people who are currently on council. However, if any of them run for re-election, I'll vote for each one of them. While some people may not like everything they are doing, some residents of CNP actually do approve of the way they are trying to turn things around.

Anonymous said...

Is that the new CNP logo on the door?

Anonymous said...

Alls they have to do is ticket ½ of the 20,000 people Rum Runners plans to bring in and they will be paid for. Ya all come back now ya hear!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had a picture of all the police and peace officer cars parked in fort of the motel in Coleman yesterday in the late afternoon. It would have made a great enterprise pic for the newspapers. I guess this council can rest “PEACEFULLY” in their accomplishment of making our week-end celebration safe for the few people who will come here.

Anonymous said...

I agree also with most things council are attempting to fix up.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 4:53. I did vote for most of this council, and although I don't agree with every decision they have made so far, if the election was anytime soon, I would vote for them again.
This council does represent the views and concerns of some of the residents of the Crowsnest Pass.


Anonymous said...

I see that the weekend was a total bomb for the crowsnest pass hate to say to council I told u so

Anonymous said...

I guess we have enough money in the pass that we did not need to generate the thousands that r spent at rum runners major bomb. Thanx council

Matt said...

To Thomas...I agree with you. This council does represent the views and concerns of some of the residents. The Minority.

Mike Gerrie said...

When I was younger. I took a special constable coarse out of Edmonton after serving four years in the armed forces returning home to Banff where I took sessional employment for two summers as a Bylaw officer in Banff. We mainly focused on parking issues , animal issues such as keeping dogs on a leash, ensuring property owners Kept their property at a minimum standard. Controling and investigating illegal sweets. Also noise complaints and skateboards on sidewalks and town property including parkades.

I also supported getting skateboarders there own skate park. The councils argument at the time was they could not afford the liability. After looking into it we found out that a skate park required no more liability insurance
than building a playground.

We had three full time staff plus one summer time seasonal employee (me). We had two vehicles a cheapo town car. I think it was a K-Car and a Mini Van. The Car had no light standard on top. Just a Town of Banff decal and the Mini Van had a light standard like you would see on a Police vehicle. We could run license plates from the office if needed and could of coarse tow vehicles if needed.

For the life of me I do not see why we need Peace Officers and not Bylaw officers and they sure as heck
don't need $70,000.00 vehicles with computers to run
license plates. Oh and the so called consultant in town making a thousand dollars a day is obviously giving terrible advice. If the town wants to throw their money away give me a call , my taxes are way too high and I could use it.

PS I am writing this on my IPad and can not go back and proof my spelling. So I hope I did not make to many errors as I thumbed my way through this.

Anonymous said...

Did anybody else notice that the Municipality of Crowsnest Peace Officer truck as been staying at the BCMI in Coleman for the last couple of nights.


Anonymous said...

Who is driving the Peace Officer Truck? our present Bylaw Officer is still off plus I see on the Municipal web site the other position is still available.
I hope they did not hire another consultant to work for us. Or a peace officer on a contract basis? that would be very expensive.

Anonymous said...

The "Sergeant" job was on:

until a couple of days ago.

This graphic:

is on the "Enforcement Services" page:

Anyone remember "Continual update to Residents Bi-weekly at minimum"? I bet you would find that phrase in Tona's contract if you FOIPed it. But not enough $1200 days in the week to do that - she got paid anyway.

That page also says:

"We also will be reviewing all the bylaws to make sure that they are consistent, clear and fair. I can assure you that we will not pass these bylaws without input from you, and you will have opportunity to come to council as well and hear the information and if necessary at a public hearing apply to speak to the changes."

Who is "We", exactly??? Does that include our "elected representatives"?

Anonymous said...

Dilbert on consultants.

Anonymous said...

Two things I see the Peace Officer/Sergeant job is no longer on the municipal web site, and the Peace Officer Truck is no longer parked at the BCMI.