Monday, July 23, 2012

Take a look at the real results of this last weekend and do something

At the following address is a blog created by a fellow named Mike Gerrie.
I want everyboby to look at these picture and tell me what a success the weekend was.

Also I look forward very much to hearing more about his discussion with Councilor Gallant.

I would also encourage everybody to contact our CAO at  to demand that the Municipality immediatly provide to the public the financial results for this weekend.


Anonymous said...

A complete and utter disgrace. Thank goodness we have all these educated people running our little community.


Anonymous said...


How many people live in Crowsnest Pass? 6,000? How many came out to support the various events on the weekend? Unfortunately, not many.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of this Mike. Who is he please.

Julie said...

Anon @ 8:01 -- Mike is my common-law husband. :) He is a resident of the CNP and took those pics when we went downtown Saturday evening. Both of us felt depressed by the ghost-town like atmosphere. Juxtapose that with memories from last year....sigh. Very sad.

I just read in the Pass Herald (online) that Larry Mitchell "said he was in favour of the idea to brand Crowsnest Pass..." The article goes on to say how Drumheller is "famous for dinosaurs" and Vulcan for its Star Trek affiliation.

Here is the real kicker: "Branding is important to let tourists know what we are all about," said Mitchell.

No kidding!! We HAD an unbelievable brand with Thunder in the Valley -- tourists knew about it. Crowsnest Pass was known for Thunder in the Valley.

I am speechless after reading Councillor Mitchell's idea about branding the CNP. Is he serious? I am gobsmacked!

What planet are these councillors from? I just can't believe it!

"We need to let people know that we are more than just a municipality with a mining past." No kidding, Larry! Again, Thunder in the Valley was a powerful BRAND. And look at how hard you worked for that successful brand.

I am shaking my head at the complete ignorance and incompetence of this council. Unbelievable.

John Prince said...

I sense when these councillors make statements such as "Branding is important to let tourists know what we are all about" that they do so for each others benefit, while directing them to expensive out of town consultants who know nothing about this community and its people, while totally bypassing the public here as inconsequential?

There, my friends, is the problem with this council.


Sasha JaegerBaird said...

Branding. Another excuse to hire more expensive consultants.

Anonymous said...

Dean you have not reported on the Gopher hunter yet. Keep digging they came from the same city Gretzky used to play in.

Anonymous said...

CNP Home said:

"I would also encourage everybody to contact our CAO at to demand that the Municipality immediatly provide to the public the financial results for this weekend."

Here is some info on how FOIP works, happens to be a decision on a request from CNP.

They don't have to answer questions but they do have to give you documents, and they have a "duty to assist the applicant under section 10(1) of the Act. This provision requires a public body to respond openly, accurately and completely to an access request."

If they DO answer questions they can give you the minimum info you ask for, such as the amounts paid to consultants but not what it was for. We should ask for the actual contracts - I don't see any FOIP exception that would keep them secret.

Anonymous said...

You will never get any real answers they will stall, its only a 14 months to the next election. All of this will be blown over by then.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of my dam tax dollars.

Can't wait for October 2013.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I to would like to know why the counsellors denied hiring gopher hunters? Enlighten me.