Thursday, July 19, 2012

New perspective on the spending of our tax dollars in the Crowsnest Pass (Humour)

Now that Rum Runner Days on up on us and everybody is in a festive mood I thought I would share with you how one of my readers see the financial situation in our great community. 
I think this was very well done and if people can't laugh once in a while there is something wrong. (Thanks go out to Gord)

Just another reminder there is a rate payers meeting tonight at the Bellevue Legion 7pm only costs $5 to join if you are concerned about the issues that everybody seems to be talking about. Here is your chance to join a group that will lobby council on your behalf regarding these issues.   


John Prince said...

Good one! Made me laugh. The likeness is uncanny, isn't it? :-) lol!


Anonymous said...

Cartoon says it like it is.

Anonymous said...

Way to go Gordo... good to see your cartoons back in print, big fan!

Anonymous said...

"I wish I had a picture of all the police and peace officer cars parked in fort of the motel in Coleman yesterday in the late afternoon."

Another log on the fire.