Monday, October 28, 2013

A new beginning in the Crowsnest Pass.

This time last week the silent majority in the Crowsnest Pass were no longer silent. They spoke very clearly and obviously they were not happy with the path the leadership of the community was on. So your new council looks very different to the previous one, never the less it is time to move forward.

So now the work begins, your elected officials were given a list of all of the committee's of council with their terms of reference and have submitted their preferences to the Mayor.

There will be an organizational meeting of council tomorrow night at 7pm where the committee appointments will be debated by council, there will also be a rotation put in place for the Deputy Mayor position which each councilor is required to sit in for a period of two months.

There will be a short special council meeting after that to deal with upcoming conventions, council orientation, and facility tours, these are done by every new council.

As far as the new council where it goes from here? regular council meeting will start Nov 5, 7pm in council chambers. All of the candidates ran for office based on their own particular platform, will everyone of us get our own way on every issue? I doubt it. Will everything at the municipality and the way we do things change over night? I doubt that to.

What I am sure of; is there will be many questions asked, and there will be a lot of work ahead for all of us.

If you have any concerns my contact information is on this page below, if you would rather talk to a different member of council contact the municipal office at 562 8838 and they will provide you the contact information for the member of council of your choice.

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