Saturday, October 12, 2013

Looking for the Facts-Administration

Fact #1-We now have the largest administrative in the history of the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass.

Fact #2-Our administration between wages, benefits, pickups, computers, cell phones, training etc will cost us $1.2 million this year.

Fact #3-Administration is now recommending the hiring of a HR person. In part based on the following workplace assessment attached and just the fact that everybody in the community outside of council as realized for the last two years that we have a serious problem in the relationship between our management and the unionized employees. I will take the position that if elected the dollars for this position will be found within the present administrative budget. Next council must reanalyze the organizational structure and determine their priorities.

Fact #4-If elected I will be asking for a comparison of our administrative salaries today versus 2010, I am sure the arguments will be made that the scope of work as changed in each area. Unionized wage rates have gone up 9% in the last three years, it will be interesting to analyze the increases within the administrative ranks.

On my next "Facts" I will talk about the turn over in the administrative ranks over the last three years. It was identified in the Farmer report the importance of stability especially at the position of CAO. Interestingly despite the numbers banded about of 14 CAO's in 18 years prior to this council there was the same  CAO in place from August of 2004 to when he announced his retirement in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Dean, you have a 'cult' following on your blog which is obvious from your polls (especially the mayoralty one) which suggests your polls are far from indicative of how the general population will actually vote.

Anonymous said...

Dean's poll is far from scientific, but it is fun and has nothing to do with any cult following. Are you one of Bruce's? There are few out there. Why don't you vote on Dean's poll?

Anonymous said...

Light up: Polls are subject to error and are for entertainment only. - See more at:

Anonymous said...

Found some info by Googling for:

how many "human resources" per employee

"(1 per 100 employees) for large employers is the standard benchmark."

Anonymous said...

I am sure that increases when you have a union involved. Way more work.

Anonymous said...

I notice there are other "Fact" sheets popping up:

S.C. Rudegon....FACTS, NO FLUFF


"Strategic Action Plan
Sept 16/2013 - Dean Ward in press release to Pass Herald:
'The strategic plan of 2011 was put together by a group of people that do not live in the Crowsnest Pass...the public was never given the opportunity to be a part of this plan.'
The 2012-2014 Community Strategic Action Plan was put together by...referencing the previous council strategic plan...input from community groups (including volunteer boards, Community Futures, and the Chamber of Commerce), material presented by the Mayor's Task Force on the Economy, and feedback from the public...two public forums were held...the Mayor's Task Force presentation... and a town hall meeting."

The public forums were not for public input, they were presentations AFTER everything was finalized.

There was input from invited business and special interest groups at closed-to-the-public meetings. They got to see the Plan weeks before it was grandly revealed to the public. Is that Rudegon's idea of "public input"?

Abiocon Strategies was paid for something - if they did not "put together" the Strategic Plan, what were they paid for?

I can't ask Rudegon since she has not enabled comments.

Dean, I would be interested in your ideas on how public input should happen. With the M7 the only way is to personally contact a councillor, but this is not much use since they keep everything secret until after it's voted on.

Anonymous said...

What else would you call it but a 'cult' following when the two polls reflect little to no change despite two forums in the interim and by all accounts a stellar performance by Prince in the mayors debate?

Anonymous said...

10:57: Well, everyone is welcome to participate in the vote, one supposes. Go and leave your mark.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious Dean does not have readers who represent a broad range of public opinion but instead a very narrow segment of like-minded followers. Therefore his polls are worthless, serving only to boost the egos of himself and his team. Pathetic behaviour if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

6:01 wrote:
"It is obvious Dean does not have readers who represent a broad range of public opinion but instead a very narrow segment of like-minded followers."

Haha. Have you read the comments on Emile's or Brian's blogs? Try posting a critical comment on one of those - your comment will be "awaiting moderation" forever.

☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹ ☹

Anonymous said...

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