Monday, October 14, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is a time to take a break, no need for bickering back or forth. No need for wasting our time with "facts and figures" that can be interpreted in any which way the reader wishes to. People that tell us the "truths" while trying to give themselves credibility by pretending to be a person with a reputation in town as a reliable source give it a break, today is Thanksgiving.
Yesterday somebody very important to me said "grandpa it's Thanksgiving what are you Thank full for" great question and brought me back to what is really important. 
I am thankful for so much my a wife that stands besides me through  good or bad, my kids who have been a part of my life for many years, my precious grandchildren who have brought so much into my life., I am also thankful for the rest of my family, I am sure on a day like this we all take a moment to reflect on the ones we have lost but I am also thankful they were a part of our life's. I am thankful for everything I have. I am thankful for living in one of the greatest places in the world I am thankful for all the support Debbie and I  have received over the last month especially the last week. We live among some great family and wonderful friends all of those things I am thankful for.
So please everybody today enjoy your Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

Dean, Debbie and family.

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Doomsayer said...

Well said, Dean. There truly is much to be thankful for & we tend to lose sight of that at times of stress.

May everyone have a happy & joyous Thanksgiving.

“Seek not greater wealth, but simpler pleasure; not higher fortune, but deeper felicity.”
― Mahatma Gandhi