Friday, October 11, 2013

Franchise Fees-The hidden tax

I was just sent a link to another candidates blog to look at the "facts" I do not expect that any other candidate will be providing links to my site. Regardless here are some "facts" if somebody wishes to tell me I am wrong I will change my numbers once I am provided the evidence.  

Franchise Fees


2011-$374,288       Increase of $79,000

2012-$569,749       Increase of $196,000

2013-$682,000       Increase of $112,000 

Total three year increase $387,000 keep in mind that every $67,000 raised is equivalent to a 1% tax increase so the full increase would have taken an additional 5.8% tax increase over the three years to match. 

This charge appears on your gas and power bill which is why most people do not even notice it. That is why it is often referred to as the "hidden tax". The municipality back in the fall of 2012 attempted to argue that this is "not a tax" what do you think? 

Let's also not forget that administration had originally proposed to increase this "tax" by another $225,000, which would have taken it to almost $1 million a year do you think that recommendation won't come back? 


Anonymous said...

Seriously, are you and Gallant going to be able to work together if elected? I would like to vote for both of you - aside from all of the drama, I feel like you guys have more in common than you think. After the shenanagins from last night and the utube thing, I feel like I am back to square 1 as a voter.

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

At the end of the day (oct 21) if I am lucky enough to be elected I will respect 110 per cent the wishes of the community. Starting the morning of the 22nd it will be time for this community to move forward, only WE the residents of the Crowsnest Pass are going to solve our problems. Not municipal affairs, Ranchlands or anybody else.

Sasha JaegerBaird said...

As you know, Dean, I have a link to your Blog, on my Blog and my campaign website. I am happy to provide it to whoever wishes to know it. I direct traffic to your site all the time, as I highly respect you and your commitment to this community. You provide a wealth of knowledge to the residents of the Crowsnest Pass. Keep it up!!

Crowsnest Pass Home said...

Thanks for that Sasha I also have tremendous respect for you, you are indeed a very good person. Have a good Thanksgiving.

Sasha JaegerBaird said...

Thank you Dean. I appreciate your kind words. Wishing you, Debbie and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving!! We all have much to be thankful for. :-)

Anonymous said...

We can debate FACTS for the next nine days
Brian Gallant says a business insurance costs went down.
Blair Painter says his business insurance went up.
Which one is the fact? It really comes down to who we want running our community for the next four years.

Anonymous said...

Property tax is proportional to the value of your home. Franchise fees are not proportional. I think the increases would be larger percentage-wise on smaller, older homes.

i.e. it's a regressive tax.

Anonymous said...


Good point.

Anonymous said...

If you want to check the FACTS about insurance rates, don't call anyone else but your insurance broker. Good think the old hospital is finally coming down, ask anyone whether it is a FACT someone s building a hotel there. Be carful of people who claim to be guardians of FACT and TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

What services will you cut to ease the tax burden?

Anonymous said...

9:06. You don't have to cut services to ease the tax burden. Have you tried to find a parking spot near the municipal office? This administration cut services and increased taxes at the same time. Where do you think this money went?

Crowsnest Pass Home said...


During the 2010 campaign Mr Gallant put the following statement out in his literature "No Property Tax Increases, The high property taxes in Crowsnest Pass are crippling the community. It hurts our families, it drives away business, and it discourages investment in our town"

If you were around at that time would you have asked Mr Gallant the same question? Maybe you did if so I apologize in advance.